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   Chapter 41 keep K by his side

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 5829

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"Yeah, you are all businessmen. But you look more reasonable than Ben. " Armani said.

Kevin looked at her and said seriously, "In fact, I am much better than someone, right?"

"Maybe." Said Armani with a smile.

Kevin also smiled.

Armani looked at her watch and stood up. "I still need to go back to the company for a meeting. I just want to say that if it's for my business, you don't have to worry about it. I won't blame it all on you. K is my friend. If you can take care of K more, I will be very grateful."

"K is also my good employee. Of course I will take good care of him." Kevin said in a hurry.

"Then don't ask K to be in charge of the reception recently. How about being your assistant? I can pay him according to his previous salary." Armani continued to say.

Kevin was stunned for a moment, but then he couldn't help laughing. "It's a good idea. I'll keep K by my side, but how can I let you pay his salary? It shows that I'm a mean boss. Don't worry. I'll guarantee the safety of K."

"Okay, I'm leaving now." Said Armani.

"Are you going back to work in XU Group?" he asked hesitantly

The current executive director of the group was Jessie. With the shares held by her and Ben, Armani couldn't work smoothly or make any decision in the group. He knew she was always arrogant, so he didn't understand how she could be willing to go back. 'For K?'

"I must go back. Without my help, Jessie can't do anything." Armani replied.

Kevin said, "I'm sorry to trouble you this time."

"Don't do it again." Said Armani.

"If you need help, just come to me. You don't have my phone number, do you?" Kevin asked her in a hurry.

But Armani stood up and asked, "How is that man?"

"What?" Kevin was a little

wound on your forehead better?" Kevin looked down at the bandage on Ben's forehead and smiled.

Ben raised his eyes and leaned back a little, lazily sitting on the sofa. "I'm fine. I have a friend who is a doctor. Mr. Kevin, I think you can ask his help. After all, K is badly hurt."

Ben was wounded in the head, and K was put in jail for a few days.

In fact, Ben was at a disadvantage. After all, K was only a subordinate of Kevin.

Kevin sneered, "Thank you for kindness. But I think the doctors I know should be enough."

"That's good." Ben continue to say, "There are too many accidents in the life. Mr. Kevin is a capable man. I'm sure you won't be hurt like me."

"Well, didn't you say that you come here to pick me up and go to work? Let's go." Armani said flatly.

If Ben continued to talk, she was afraid that there would be another conflict. She didn't feel sorry for Ben at all when he was beaten, but she was afraid that he would make a big fuss and make trouble for people in DS Nightclub.

"I have told you what I should say. Mr. Kevin, take care." Armani raised her head and glanced at Kevin. Her watery eyes made his heart ache.

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