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   Chapter 40 Not Afraid

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 6451

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"Miss Armani, K's figure is actually not bad. Do you want to have a look?" Someone shouted at Armani.

K glared at them and said, "What are you doing? What if Armani don't like me anymore when she see my imperfect figure? "

"Come on! Miss Armani won't abandon you. Don't be shy." Everyone burst into laughter.

However, when they saw the large bruises and bloodstains on K's body, no one could laugh.

"It's okay. I was kicked twice and hit the wall." Seeing that the atmosphere turned heavy, K quickly muttered and was about to stand up, but was pressed down by David to prevent him from moving.

"All right. It's just a bruise. I'll be fine after resting. I've suffered more serious injuries than this. It's not a big deal." K said indifferently.

"Stop it. Apply some medicine first." There was a medical kit in DS Nightclub. Someone immediately took it and pressed K to apply medicine to it.

"Fuck! Did you do it on purpose? It hurts! I'm going to be tortured to death by you!" K exclaimed in the crowd, and the others laughed. "Didn't you say that all the bruises don't hurt?" "You are a tough man. You must be strong in front of Miss Armani." "Yeah! Home on" K's colleagues said.

Not knowing when, David sat next to Armani and asked worriedly, "Miss Armani, is K all right now? Will Ben make trouble for him again? "

Obviously, he was still afraid of this matter.

It was certain that Ben would make trouble for K again. If he intended to make trouble for K, it would be very simple. He could just send two people here to make trouble, and then take the opportunity to cause a quarrel and scold K. If Kevin protected K, the two people would make a big fuss and say that he could not protect K every time. Ben could always send people to the club and do something bad.

If a person was mean and rich, he could come up with many bad ideas that were appalling.

"That's why I'm here." Said Armani flatly.

fight against Ben, you won't treat me as a friend, right?" Said Armani flatly.

"Of course not." Kevin replied immediately. He wanted to make friends with her so much, but he was afraid that if he got too close to her on purpose, she would be disgusted. In the past few days, many people who accosted her didn't get her smile. Taking this opportunity, he certainly wanted to get closer to her.

Armani nodded, "In that case, Mr. Kevin, please listen to me. Ben is only my enemy, not yours. You'd better stop it."

"But he bullied my men. Do you think I should put up with it? I am a businessman. " Kevin smiled, "Miss Armani, if you think I'm not a match for Ben, and are worried that I will suffer losses, please rest assured. I didn't expect him to make a move this time. Since he dares to make a move, I'll continue to play with him. After all, he is a businessman, and I'm a businessman too. I'm not afraid him."

He said with confidence.

Cui Family didn't seem to have much foundation in this city, but the other branches of the Cui Family were all from the military. Kevin could be bold enough to open his own night club in this city, because he had strong backing. Ben was very powerful, but if Kevin showed his real strength, it was also possible for him to win Ben.

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