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   Chapter 31 Omnipresent Prying

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 6666

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After glancing at them, Armani smiled and said, "I'm really curious about your boss. I've been to a lot of night clubs. It's the first time I've seen such bad service."

"May I know your name, miss?" A boy with a baby face asked with a playful smile.

"You don't need to know my name. You just need to accompany Selina." Armani stood up, Selina asked, "Where are you going?"

"I want to go out and have a look. After all, I've been here for two times. It's not interesting to stay in this small room." Then Armani pushed the door open and went out. The opposite door closed slowly at this time, but she didn't notice it. She stood at the door and looked around. Then she went to the bar counter and ordered a glass of cherry brandy and sat down.

The surrounding environment was still a little noisy. Seeing her frown, the bartender smiled and said, "Miss, is this your first time to come here?"

"Well, yeah." Replied Armani.

The bartender said, "This is the first floor. It's noisy. If you want to go to a quiet place, you can go to the two floor. The private room there will be better."

"Is the second floor different from the first floor?" Armani asked.

The bartender smiled and said, "The main customers on the first floor are young people. They like such dynamic and noisy scenes. The customers on the second floor are more mature. They like piano and cello music and don't like these rock and heavy metal. You can take the elevator here to there but the consumption is a little high."

Armani nodded, after paying the bill, she went to the second floor directly.

As soon as she reached the second floor, she felt much quieter. In order to sound insulation, it seemed that the boss had made great efforts. On the small stage upstairs, a girl in a white dress was playing Lennon's Moonlight Waltz. The soft and smooth music poured out from her fingertips, as if people could see the dissolved moonlight spreading on the ground like jelly flowers. Armani smiled and felt r

so angry that he gritted his teeth. He thought Armani belonged to him. How could these people covet her?

So Ben was so drunk that all he thought about was Armani. He ran to the top floor alone and called her.

"Armani, can we make up? Forgive me and let us go back to the past. " Ben pleaded.

He didn't want XU Group at all. He didn't want to force Armani into a desperate situation. He just wanted to be with her forever.

But why did Armani break up with him so easily without any attachment? Was it just because he slept with Jessie by accident?

What was Ben to her?

Over the years, Ben had only held her hand.

So what Jessie said was heartbreaking and realistic. Maybe Armani didn't love him at all. Because she didn't love him, she wouldn't hesitate to abandon him.

But Ben was not reconciled. If it was because Armani was so shining that he didn't seem to exist, he didn't mind breaking all her wings and standing on top of her to let her see his ability.

Men had a natural advantage in power, which was not comparable to women.

Ben had always believed in this, so he was ruthless and decisive. He could threaten Armani directly. Unfortunately, Armani was stubborn. Not only did she not yield to him for mercy, but she became more stubborn.

But Ben didn't want to continue fighting like this.

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