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   Chapter 30 Rearrange People

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 7018

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Armani nodded.

"Let's go to the night club tonight. We didn't have a good time last time. Let's get drunk this time," said Selina.

Armani almost dropped the cup. She asked in surprise, "Why do you still want to go there?"

"I was so pissed off. Last time, I was supposed to have a good time, but I didn't. And my father asked me to go back immediately. Otherwise, my brother would go to the club to find me. It's so humiliating. I think they are so busy with Full Lake Flower Show now that they don't have time to care about me. If we don't go now, when will it be better?"

Armani knew that Selina was a night club maniac and had been worried about her these days, so she didn't refuse her request.

After dinner, they went straight to the night club.

When Jasmyn's subordinate came to report to her that Selina had come, Jasmyn was overjoyed and was about to go out to receive her. Last time, she didn't ask the handsome men to accompany Selina. This time, she had to make up for her mistake and let her men accompany Selina and coax her.

"Boss, she also brought the girl who accompanied her last time." That man added.

Jasmyn frowned and asked, "Why is she here again?"

If Armani knew that she was disliked by the boss of a night club, she would never go there.

Colorful lights dangled about. Inside the club, there was another noisy world, the sleepless city.

Selina took Armani directly into the familiar box and ordered a lot of wine. On the way, many people greeted Selina and called her Miss Selina politely.

"Is there no handsome guy to sing with us tonight?" Armani joked with a smile.

"No. I've noticed that there are many handsome men. It's just a coincidence last time. I'll call a group of people this time to avoid being looked down upon by you."

Armani couldn't help laughing. She leaned against the sofa and said lazily, "I won't look down upon you just because of a night club. After all, this club is not yours."

All of a sudden, Selina came close to Armani. Startled, Armani dodged and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Why do I feel that you are different today?" Since Selina had been used to staying at home, she was good at gauging people's mind. Today, she noticed Armani obviously felt much more relaxed. This state of calm was the one she was familiar with.

"We haven't seen each other for only one day. What changes can be made?"

"You feel much more relaxed today. It can be seen that playing in the amusement park is very effective. When I finish my work, I will also go there to play." Selina said with a smile, resting her head on her arm.

Armani's heart skipped a beat. She couldn't help thinking of the time she spent with Jacob. 'I just played a few games with him, and he made me so relaxed? Even Selina can see it at a glance.'

"Why haven't they arrived yet? They are getting slower and slower." Before Armani could think more, Selina stood up and complained.

The girl who came to serve the wine smiled and said, "There are a lot of guests today. Don't worry, Miss Selina. Boss will arrange someone to come soon."

"Then let her hurry up. Don't let me down twice. It's a bummer." Selina said unhappily.

The girl left and reported to Jasmyn immediately.

There was only a bitter smile on Jasmyn's face. She was going to completely offend Selina again today.

But even if she offended Selina, she couldn't let anyone in her box, because she couldn't afford to offend Mo Family.

"I have something to deal wi

th today, so I'm leaving now. If anyone asks me, you can tell them that I'm not here today." After hesitating for a while, Jasmyn decided not to be there.

When she was about to leave, her subordinate reported, "Mr. Jacob is here."

Jasmyn felt relieved. It was obvious that the people from Mo Family were on her side at this time. She was not afraid of offending Selina any more.

So she hurried to the box. When she entered the box, she was so surprised.

She saw that there were two people sitting in the room. Jacob and Albert.

Jacob looked very unhappy.

With a helpless look on Albert's face, he looked as if he had been forced to be there.

In addition to them, there were also five handsome young men sitting in the room.

"Jasmyn, how about letting our people serve Miss Selina and Miss Armani today?" Said Albert directly.

Obviously, he had known that Selina wanted some handsome men to accompany.

'How could he bring someone here in person?' It was getting more and more difficult for Jasmyn to understand Jacob's mind.

"You can all go in. Watch your words and deeds." These five young men were trainees that were directly hired by an entertainment company by Albert. They were not very outstanding, but they were better than those in the night club.

Jasmyn really didn't know what Mo Family wanted these people to do, 'Just to accompany that woman?'

The five young men followed the order of Albert and went out directly.

Selina had been waiting impatiently in the room, but when she saw five people push the door open and come in, one of them said with a smile, "Nice to meet you, Miss Selina. We're late. I'm really sorry."

Jacob suddenly said, "You all go out."

Albert was stunned.

Then he immediately said, "Okay."

Everyone in the room, including Jasmyn, left.

When she was about to go out, she breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I thought I would offend Selina today."

"It's okay to offend her. If we offend Mr. Jacob, we two will have a bad time." Albert chuckled.

"What's the mystery of these two people? Why does he care so much about them?" Jasmyn could not help but ask.

"You'd better not ask. If you know what you shouldn't know, you will only get into trouble." Albert glanced at her.

Nodding knowingly, Jasmyn said with a smile, "Then I'll go back to work. I was about to run away."

Albert waved his hand to let her go.

Selina looked at the five boys. They were good-looking, slender and even. The five of them behaved very similar to each other. They were strangers to her, and she had never seen them before.

"Who are you? Why not someone I know? Jasmyn knows what I like. " Selina looked at them unhappily.

"All the people who came to serve you in the past have asked for leave. So boss asked us to come here. Others said that Miss Selina was good tempered and humorous. We are all new here. Please take care of us." The man in the lead grinned.

Looking at their childish faces, Selina calmed down a little and said, "Last time when I came here, Jasmyn said that there were too many guests in the club and she couldn't arrange men for me. She made me lose face in front of my good friend. This time if you can't serve my good friend well, I will never come back."

Those young men hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Miss Selina. We will do whatever you want us to do."

"Come here to pour wine." With a smile, Selina put her hand on Armani's shoulder and asked, "Are you satisfied with these people?"

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