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   Chapter 29 He Is Different

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 7030

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"Boss, Mr. Jacob has played many games, including Roller Coaster, Secret Realm Adventure, Starry Sky Ghosts, Out Of Control Nightmares." Another assistant came to report.

A mouthful of water spurted out from Albert's mouth. The two assistants hurried forward to help him wipe the water stains.

Albert motioned with his hand to let them all go out, he brooded alone. 'How can Jacob go to play these games? There is also an amusement park in JD City. The specifications of several facilities in the amusement park have entered the Guinness world record and become the benchmark of imperial city.' But Jacob has always closed the playground for inspections. Albert was lucky enough to follow his father to JD City to visit Jacob's home and that amusement park.

The large amusement park was empty. The service staff of every project gathered there and bowed to them. All kinds of acrobatics and snacks were there. All the equipment was turned on, just for Jacob to use alone.

Jacob didn't like crowded places. When he went out, he had only four or five bodyguards by his side. Albert didn't expect that he would play such games with Armani in the bustling amusement park, which obviously didn't match his identity. It was so strange. 'Is this seemingly simple Armani the princess of a country? Or a hidden rich woman? What's so special about her that made Jacob accommodate himself to her like this?'

It was said that there was a princess of a country who fell in love with Jacob at the first sight and was willing to marry him. But Jacob didn't take it to heart.

After playing a few games, Armani was exhausted and out of breath, but every cell of her body was shouting for joy, as if she was soaked in soda.

"I never thought that I would be so happy to play these things in the amusement park one day." Leaning against the railing, Armani looked at Jacob and smiled.

If the whole Mo Family knew that Jacob played games in this shabby amusement park for a woman, they may think he was crazy.

"Have you been to the amusement park in JD City?" asked Jacob, looking at Armani with his sid

ning room. After eating a tuna salad, Selina asked with concern.

"I played in the amusement park for a while." Said Armani.

"Alone?" Selina asked, she thought If Armani went to the amusement park alone, it would be too boring.

"I ran into a friend and we played together." Armani smiled.

But Selina didn't care about Armani's other friend. Knowing that Armani wasn't alone, she nodded with relief and said mysteriously, "I helped dad sort out the invitation list today and found that in addition to the largest family, Mo Family, in J City, Xia Family in JD City will also come."

"Who are they?" Armani didn't pay much attention to these noble clans. He was completely an outsider in front of Selina.

Selina hurried to tell her about this noble Xia Family. "There are many people in this family, who are good at calligraphy or painting. They also established a painting sect with a high international status. Later, they entered the art field and became famous, and their social status is not low."

"Xia Family may want to open their gallery here in the future. After all, J city is a tourist attraction, and it will be faster to get connected with the international market, so they will take part in this year's Full Lake Flower Show to see the situation. If they want to turn to QM City, you should contact them as soon as possible, which is a great benefit to you." Said Selina.

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