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   Chapter 27 Encounter At Amusement Park

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 7031

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"What?" Kevin was startled. Then he approached the phone and murmured, "She was bitten by a snake? How's it going? "

'Jacob is in J City, and he might even appear next to Armani. How could he see that she was bitten by a snake?' Kevin was really worried.

K said indifferently, "J city is damp and hot, and it's normal for snakes to appear. Now she is out of danger in the hospital, and playing coquetry with me on the bed. She said she missed the lotus seed soup sold in QM City, but she can't eat anything during her recuperation. She is so far away, and can't eat it. So she's depressed."

'The lotus seed gruel of QM City.'

Jacob blinked and took off his headphones.

On the second day of Armani's recovery, Selina came in with two bowls of dessert and said with a smile, "You always say that the lotus seed soup in your city is delicious. I saw a dessert shop nearby the hospital selling lotus seed soup, so I bought two bowls. I saw many people eating there. Have a taste."

Armani was confused, "Is there already lotus seed soup here?"

"The lotus seeds are still fresh, and the icy sand is thin and soft. No wonder so many people bought them. They are really delicious," Selina continued, bringing a bowl to Armani, and then she brought another bowl to sit on one side to eat.

Armani took only one bite and stopped eating. Selina asked her curiously "Don't you like it? It's still not as good as the food in your city. "

"It's exactly the same as ours. It's interesting. The lotus seed soup in QM City has a strong smell of water, so the cook specially added a mint leaf to the soup. J city is so far away from QM City, but there are also lotus leaves in it. It's really interesting." Armani said indifferently, her chest heaving up and down. She didn't want to eat the lotus seed soup at all. She talked to K yesterday just to test Kevin. Today there was a lotus seed soup sold near the hospital, and it had the same taste as the one sold in QM City. Who did it!

The more Armani looked at the lotus seed soup, the angrier she became. She raised her hand and threw it into th

looked at Jacob and said, "We don't know each other, but we have met three times. Does it mean that we are destined to meet?"

"Are you accosting me?" Jacob said expressionlessly.

Armani was a little surprised. 'How can a serious man like him say something like that? Is he kidding?'

"Why are you here?" Jacob walked to the bench beside her and sat down.

Armani sat next to him and said, "I heard that the desserts here are very delicious, so I want to come in and have a taste. But I found that it's just so so."

"I was thinking that a girl like you should appear in some high-class places. It's strange for you to appear in the amusement park for no reason." Jacob took a sip of coffee. The coffee tasted bad, which made him have no desire to drink a second sip.

Armani looked at him and said, "Compared with me, it should be more strange for a person with obviously higher status like you to appear here. And last time in FL Bathing Place, such a coincidence seems to be fate, then I prefer to use such luck to buy the lottery."

"That's true." Jacob immediately agreed, "People who are self-righteous usually like to buy lotteries. Otherwise, when they find that the world is not as they think, they will be very unacceptable."

Armani was choked by his words. She had planned to test whether he approached her with a purpose, but she didn't expect to be mocked back like this.

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