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   Chapter 26 Humiliate Ben

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Wayne raised his hand and asked him out. His cold attitude made Albert suspect that he just saved Armani incidentally and didn't like her at all. Otherwise, he wouldn't have ignored her.

However, when Albert saw that Jacob was wearing a wireless earphone in his ear, he guessed that Jacob was dealing with something important. Suppressing his doubts, Albert left.

At this time, a man's greeting came through Jacob's white earphone. "Mr. Kevin, I'm Ben from MING Group. I've long heard of your name, but I've never seen you before. I'm glad to meet you today."

Kevin put his mobile phone on the table in silence and looked up at the man in front of him. He was handsome and tall. He looked vigorous, and there was a bit of cruelty in his eyes. 'Is he Miss Armani's fiance? From what he has done, it can be seen that he is greedy for money, and he does not mind whether he will hurt others. This man will do anything to achieve his goal.'

"So you are the famous Mr. Ben. You are so brave that could buy my subordinates and make them hurt my clients at the risk of betraying me. As the saying goes, a brave young man is not afraid of everything." Kevin smiled and said slowly.

Noticing Kevin's unfriendly tone, Ben took a look at Wayne, who had already got five hundred thousand from Ben in advance. Wayne quickly came up to Kevin with a smile and poured wine for him, "I know you two are both heroes, so I dare to draw you to know each other. Ben, Mr. Kevin has a rule to do business. It's your fault to break his rule."

Ben took the glass and said, "Mr. Kevin, it's my fault. I broke your rules and I should apologize. I'd like to propose a toast to you. I'm willing to take responsibility for the loss of DS Nightclub."

"Are you going to hold a party for your fiancee to make friends with some business men in QM City? Why don't we do it in Mr. Kevin's place? We can try our best to win over our relationship and bring a new group of clients to DS Nightclub. What do you think? " Wayne said with a smile.

Ben frowned slightly. The people he was going to invite were all famous people in the city. How could he arrange them to a night club?

Seeing that Ben frowned, Kevin sneered, "My place is just a night club for fun. I can't entertain so many distinguished guests."

"Mr. Kevin. The distinguished guests are supposed to show in your place. If you don't want to embarrass me, why don't we just hold it in DS Nightclub?" Seeing Kevin unhappy, Ben said in a hurry.

Kevin leaned against his seat and glanced at K, who was sitting next to him.

K came forward and took the glass of wine from Ben. He said with a smile, "Mr. Kevin is not in good health recently. The doctor said that he'd better not drink. Please don't mind."

Ben didn't move his hand. Instead, he said indifferently, "Young man, who are you?"

"I'm Mr. Kevin's staff." K was even happier to see that Ben disliked him so much.

"K, it's none of your business here. Go and buy a pack of cigarettes for me." With a smile, Wayne took out a bill and wanted to transfer K away. He was getting more and more confused. It was a meeting of three people, but why did Kevin bring a K with him? He and Ben were a little embarrassed, and it was difficult to say something directly.

Kevin glanced at Wayne and said, "Brother, don't you take anyone with you when you go out?"

"I just w

ant the three of us to be together, we're going to make friends, not to fight. What's the point of taking someone with us?" There was a hint of blame in Wayne's tone.

Kevin banged the table, and his phone vibrated. It was clearly transmitted through the earphone. Seeing this, Jacob frowned and thought, 'Why did you hit the table?'

Kevin's gloomy words came through, "You know it's just a friend meeting. I brought K here because we are all friends and want to have dinner together. Is it too disrespectful of you to treat my man like a servant?

Seeing that Kevin was angry because of this, Wayne immediately smiled and said, "Kevin, you misunderstood me. I'm just used to treating K like this in DS Nightclub. Sit down, everyone. K, I'm sorry. Don't take it to heart."

"Of course I don't mind." K smiled brightly. "After all, we are not here to teach you a lesson."

Ben's face changed and his eyes became fierce. "Mr. Kevin, your friend is so arrogant."

"I indulged him too much." Kevin lit up a cigar and said indifferently.

Wayne looked a little embarrassed. He forced a smile and looked at Kevin, "Brother, what's wrong with K today? He looks fine. Why does he speak so strangely? "

"K, Mr. Wayne said you were strange." Kevin smiled.

K stood up, picked up the bottle and smashed it directly on Ben's head. The bottle was not broken, but Ben's head was broken, and blood slowly flowed down like a small stream.

The expression on Ben's face didn't change, but his eyes gradually turned cold. He curved his lips and looked at Kevin. It turned out that Kevin didn't want to have a negotiation at all. He came here today just to humiliate Ben.

"I see, Mr. Kevin." "I just want to save your face. Do you really think that you can fight against MING Group? Now that you have chosen this side, let's wait and see what will happen in the future. "

After that, Ben wiped the blood off his head and stared at K, "You must be the man who has always accompanied Armani. How dare you touch my woman? Let's see if you can afford the price."

Then he stood up and left, which made K stunned. He held the bottle in his hand and said, "I haven't hit him for twice. Why did he leave? I specially prepared a set of boxing before I came here today."

"Kevin, what are you doing? It's because the business you do is disgraceful. He didn't want to dispute with you because the thing was too troublesome. Now that you've provoked him, he can't let you go easily. You've made a big mistake." Wayne looked distressed.

But Kevin sneered, "Just let him do it. I'd like to see who will win."

Wayne left in a hurry. K sat there and sighed, "I'm ready to wait for him to fight back and beat him up to vent Armani's anger. The plot is not going as I thought."

"It made him more embarrassing than beating him up." Kevin patted K on the shoulder. The reason why Ben came here was that he wanted to have a talk with them, so he had been humble at the beginning, showing great attitude and sincerity. But he did not expect Kevin would not accept his kindness at all. Instead, Kevin had made K humiliate him. Kevin and K didn't know how angry Ben would be at this moment.

When Jacob was about to take off his headphones, the man on the other end of the phone, K, said, "Armani sent me a message today that she was travelling in J city and bitten by a snake."

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