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   Chapter 25 Mo Family in J City

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 7211

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"Don't worry. We will inform her." The medical team members were very respectful. After all, Armani was a girl called by a distinguished guest of Mo Family for treatment. They knew her identity must be very rich or powerful.

Armani was sent to the hospital to have an intravenous drip.

After a short while, Selina rushed over in a hurry. She was frightened by what happened to Armani.

"I'm fine now. I can leave the hospital this afternoon. I just accidentally stepped on a snake in the maple forest." Said Armani.

"Fortunately, you're fine. I'm almost scared to death." Selina covered her chest, her heart pounding.

At this time, someone knocked on the door. Selina went to open the door curiously, but she didn't expect that the person standing at the door was the young master of Mo Family in J City, Albert. He was a little surprised to see Selina, and then he smiled gently. "Miss Selina, what a coincidence. You are also here."

Selina looked at him suspiciously. Although Albert was handsome and gentle, he was a ruthless man deep in his heart. Even Selina's father was a little afraid of him. 'Why does he come here to visit Armani? What is his purpose?'

"It's all our fault that Miss Armani got injured in the maple bath. I come to see if she is all right. At the same time, I have to apologize to her. I have ordered people to clean up the security of the maple forest. The depth of the maple forest is not open to outsiders. Because of the party held these days, the cordon was neglected, so Miss Armani was frightened and injured inside. If she have any complaints or requests for compensation, please just say it. We will definitely compensate her. " Said Albert kindly.

'So reasonable?' With her mouth wide open in surprise, Selina thought if she used this as an excuse to ask Mo Family to help her get investment, then with the strength of Mo family and the personal network of Albert, Armani wouldn't have to work so hard to find an opportunity to know businessmen in J city with her.

Selina became excited. 'With Armani's cleverness, she is sure to understand what he meant.'

Armani was confused. ''Although I was bitten by a viper, I was sent to the hospital as soon as possible. The medical fees has been paid by Mo Family. Even if Mo Family wants to apologize and compensate for their reputation, it is impossible for Albert to be so generous. If I ask for one hundred million directly, and he can give it to me directly?'

One hundred million dollars. It was almost enough to buy another XU Group.

Armani smiled with self-mockery and said to Albert, "I've already felt your sincerity. You took good care of me this time, and I don't intend to ask for compensation. After all, the medical fees are not expensive, and you have taken the responsibility. I hope this matter is over and no one can mention it."

Selina looked at Armani accidentally. To her surprise, Armani gave up the compensation.

Albert was also a little surprised. Then he said, "I really admire you, Miss Armani. If you don't mind, make friends with me. If you need anything in J city in the future, just say it. I will keep my promise."

"I'm flattered, Mr. Albert." Seeing Albert's kindness, Armani became suspicious. She smiled politely as if she was very modest.

After Albert left, Selina clapped her hands and said, "Well done! You don't have any requirements, but he has a better impression of you. With his connections in the future, you will definitely make a lot of friends in J city."

"No, I don't want to have anything to do with him." Armani frowned and said


The scene in the forest still flashed in her mind. She was not a fool. Today, Albert came here for two reasons. One was to show his kindness, and the other was to warn her not to tell anyone what she had seen in the maple forest. Armani knew that. After all, FL Bathing Place was a place for relaxation. If people knew that such a bloody thing had happened there and it was the matter of Mo Family, it would be unfavorable to Mo Family.

It was originally a shady place, but Armani walked over to have a look. She had to pay for what she had known.

Now it was good enough for her to survive.

'But who is that person? The bad man who has chased after me should have planned to make me shut up forever. When he saw that person, his aura suddenly weakened, and he spoke with respect. It is obvious that the person is a very important people in power of Mo Family, or a distinguished guest of Mo Family.

A man who can use top perfume sat in the economy class and appeared in the same bathtub with me. The two fierce people looked at him as if they saw death.

This man is either rich or powerful. Who the hell is he?'

Armani wondered whether it was a coincidence that they two met. If it was a coincidence, she would be curious about the identity of the man. If it was on purpose, she would be scared by the thought. 'It shouldn't be the man sent by Ben. He is absolutely not that capable.'

Thinking of these rules, Armani felt dizzy and fell asleep directly.

When Albert got in the car, he chuckled, "Interesting."

'She seemed to be interesting. Is she Miss Armani of Xu Family in QM City?'

Albert had also heard about what had happened in QM City. In fact, he didn't pay much attention to it at first. It was just because Jacob came from QM City. In order to know why he came, Albert investigated the identity of the two people, Selina and Armani. As a result, he knew that Armani was the eldest daughter of Xu Family in QM City. After her father passed away, she should have taken over the family business. As a result, when she was doing business abroad, the media exposed intimate photos of her fiance and her sister, and they accused her of being a third party. Moreover, on the day of the board meeting, the photos of her being kissed passionately in a night club exposed by the gossip newspaper which brought a certain reputation loss to XU Group. Therefore, the position of the executive director fell into the hands of her half-sister.

The woman on the bed looked elegant and indifferent, like a delicate doll isolated in a glass cover.

''Xu Family has nothing to do with Mo Family. What is so special about this woman? Jacob cares about her and even saved her when she saw something she shouldn't see.'

No matter what, since Jacob had shown his attention to Armani, Albert certainly did not dare to neglect it. He immediately ordered, "Everything Miss Armani use in the hospital should be the best. The person in charge of FL Bathing Place must personally apologize to her, and must solve this matter perfectly."

"Yes, Mr. Albert." His men immediately began to follow his orders.

As soon as Albert returned to the house, he went to visit Jacob.

The room that Jacob was living in was the best living place in the house. Everything in it was new, and the furnishings were bought with a lot of money.

"Brother, I have visited Miss Armani in the hospital. She looks good. I said that no matter what kind of condition she offered, I can accept it. But it seems that she just wants to deal with it as a simple accident." Said Albert respectfully.

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