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   Chapter 24 An Accident Of Peeping

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 6818

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'What a small world! I met him again and he even saved me.'

"What a coincidence!" A faint and alienated smile appeared on Jacob's face.

"Yes, what a coincidence," said Armani, blinking her eyes and smiling

"Alone?" Jacob asked.

"My friend has something to deal with and will come back later." Said Armani.

With the accosting on the plane, the two people who met for the second time seemed to be much less alienated, as simple and natural as old friends.

"I thought you would go near the yacht to have fun, it would be more lively there. It's rare for Mo Family clan to drive this yacht out." Jacob said slowly as he walked in the water.

Armani shook her head and said, "I prefer to find a quiet place. There is no one else but myself. I like to be at ease."

"Girls usually like to be lively, don't they? Such as drinking and dancing in a night club, which should be more popular nowadays. " Said Jacob indifferently.

He wouldn't forget how drunk Armani was in the night club last night. She even called for handsome men to sing with her. When she was dragged away by Selina, she also said that she would find a handsome man in the future.

Her intoxicated look was still vivid in Jacob's mind.

"I like it." Armani looked at him sideways and smiled, "But there is no rule that people who like noise won't like quietness. Noise is interesting, and quiet is fun. They are not absolutely opposite."

A breeze blew, and the maple leaves rustled with the wind. The water rippled, looking very beautiful.

All of a sudden, a figure flashed behind the stone in the distance. Armani wanted to see it curiously. But Jacob grabbed her hand and said, "Don't go forward. It's not appropriate."

"Why?" Seeing Jacob's serious face, Armani became more curious.

"Nothing to see." Said Jacob, But how could Armani give up so easily after her curiosity was triggered? There was someone sneaking behind the stone and nobody knew what he was doing.

Armani looked at the route and found that the big stone was at the junction of the beach and the sea. Behind the stone was the shallow sea. If she walked directly along the water, she would definitely be found. But when she saw the dense maple forest on the shore, she felt it was a good place to cover her whereabouts.

Noticing that Armani was looking around, Wayne knew that she was looking for a route to get close to that stone. His face darkened. 'How dare she be so disobedient?'

"I feel a little cold. I want to go ashore and have a rest, bye." Armani waved at him and went ashore.

She approached there carefully because she was bored and wanted to see what was wrong here.

After all, the maple forest was a quiet and beautiful place, and it was also a very private place.

Armani walked carefully along the bushes and finally went to the other side of the stone. She saw three men in beach pants standing behind the stone. Two of them were standing and one was kneeling. The man kneeling on the ground was covered with blood all over his head and was desperately begging for mercy. The two men both had smiles on their faces. In this case, the smile looked particularly terrifying.

Seeing this scene, Armani's heart almost stopped. She had seen a gunfight on the street when she was a student in E country, but it was not as frightening as the scene in front of her.

The blue sea, the blue sky and the deep

maple forest were so beautiful, but someone could do such a terrible thing in such a beautiful place. The sharp contrast between the two was frightening.

When Armani came to her senses, the first thing occurred to her was that she had to leave as soon as possible. She couldn't let the two people find her whereabouts, or she would be in danger because she saw this scene.

In this deserted place, Armani didn't know when Selina would come back. She didn't have any fame in J city. If those two people found her, they might do something bad to her.

Fortunately, she was hiding in the bushes and could leave quietly.

Armani took a step back, but unexpectedly stepped on a branch and made a cracking sound.

The two men looked over warily. Armani covered her mouth and lowered her body. When the two men turned around again, she walked back carefully.

While walking, she suddenly stepped on something soft and slippery. She looked down and saw a snake with freckles.

"Ah --" she stepped on such a horrible thing. For a moment, Armani couldn't help but scream.

The snake sprang up and bit on her foot. Feeling a sharp pain, Armani lifted her foot and the snake slipped away quickly.

Being bitten by a snake, she remembered that she was running away. The scream just now was bound to attract the attention of the two people. For a moment, she was very nervous.

"Miss, are you okay?" A gentle voice came from behind.

Armani felt a chill down her spine. She was in the direction of escape, where there were only the three people, and the one who spoke was…

"I stepped on the snake by accident. Can you help me call 911?" Said Armani calmly.

"Miss, are you alone?" The man asked.

"I'm here with my boyfriend. He went to answer the phone and I was walking around. I guess he's looking for me now. I told him I wanted to walk around in the maple forest, but I didn't expect to meet this snake in just two steps."

"Where is your boyfriend? Why do I only see you around? " The man's voice became a little gloomy.

Armani's eyes widened. 'Is he going to kill me here?'

"That's because you are blind." A cold voice said.

Then someone pushed aside the bushes and walked out.

The man was tall and handsome. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and his thin lips were tight.

Armani was relieved to see Jacob. She knew she was saved. But she remembered that he asked her not to get close to the stone before. 'Does he know what those people is doing here?'

Jacob raised his head and looked at that man. His expression was lazy and casual, but his intimidating aura had made the man a little unconfident.

"Why… Why are you here? " The man asked in a low voice as his aura weakened in an instant.

"Didn't she say that she was with me?" "Go and continue with your work," said Jacob indifferently.

"Yes, yes." The man left in a hurry.

Still suffering from the shock, Armani looked at Jacob thoughtfully.

"Can you still walk?" Jacob stood in front of Armani and looked down at her.

When Armani tried to take a step forward, she felt a sharp pain in her left foot, which made her want to cry.

Jacob ordered directly. Then a motorboat came and picked Armani up.

"My friend hasn't come yet." When she was put on the motorboat, she said, "If anybody see Selina, please tell her that I was bitten by a snake. Let her go to the hospital to find me."

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