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   Chapter 23 Meet Again

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Afraid of the itch, Armani dodged Selina's hand and said, "Beauty, my figure is far inferior to yours."

With a chuckle, Selina took a cup of coconut juice and said, "Well, I won't joke with you any more for the sake of your sincere praise of me. Let's go out and have a walk. I haven't swam for a long time. I'm going to relax myself and play inside later."

Armani nodded and went out with Selina.

It was a hot summer day, but the consumption of FL Bathing Place was relatively high, so there was not a lot of people.

"That's manager of YF Group, who is mainly in charge of the company's public relations affairs. He is a good friend of the manager of Merchants Bank. If you want to borrow money from Merchants Bank, you can ask one of them, and the other one will definitely get it done." Sitting on a cold chair and wearing sunglasses, Selina pointed out which one she saw and showed it to Armani. Armani didn't expect that there were many business people hidden in a maple bathtub.

"Hey, that's a friend of my mother. I'll go and greet him. Wait for me here." Selina looked up and saw an acquaintance in the distance and then she said to Armani.

Armani nodded and took a sip of the cold watermelon juice.

A burst of cheers came from the distance. She took off her sunglasses and looked curiously. A snow-white yacht appeared on the sea of the bathtub. The handsome men and women who were playing in the sea all cheered at the yacht, as if celebrating something extraordinary.

"What's wrong? What are they cheering for?" Two girls in bikini asked curiously when they passed by Armani.

"You just arrived in J city and don't know. That is Jacob, the richest man in J city. He seldom came out on yachts." Another girl replied.

After saying goodbye to the acquaintance, Selina came back and saw that Armani was also looking at the white yacht. She explained, "That's the yacht of the Mo Family. FL Bathing Place is the property of it. This yacht is not easily driven out. There must be using to entertain guests."

"Mo Family? Is it the

it. FL Bathing Place was very clean, and Armani liked it very much.

"By the way, this is the bathing place of FL. I should take you to the maple area." Selina swam out of the water and pulled Armani away.

It turned out that FL Bathing Place was named because there were maple trees on both sides of the bathing spot, which were stunning in autumn. Now it was summer, and the leaves of the maple trees were still green, which dyed the sea water green. People in the water were like pine shadows.

"I'm sorry, Miss Selina. Your room charge deduction failed. Please follow me to the counter now to improve the deduction information." The staff of FL Bathing Place drove the motorboat to the shallow sea where Armani and Selina were playing and said apologetically.

"What's going on? Didn't you always deduct money from this account? The credit of this account is still very high. Why did the deduction fail? " Selina was a little surprised.

The staff said neither humble nor pushy, "Please come with us now."

Selina got on the crew's motorboat unhappily.

Armani was soaked in the water alone. Suddenly, she slipped and almost fell down. Someone grabbed her hand from behind and held it on her waist to stabilize her body.

"Oh! Thank you." Armani turned around and apologized, only to find that the man who helped her was the man next to her on the plane.

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