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   Chapter 22 Kevin's Response

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 6976

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"Here is the thing, Kevin. Ben is rather young. When he realized he had caused you a loss, he immediately wanted to apologize. He will treat you to dinner. Just talk to him. He has just taken over the company and doesn't want to fall in complications already. He would compensate for your losses. Losing a few clients is not a big deal. He can bring you the richest people of the QM City!" Wayne said, siding with Ben rather boldly.

After all, Ben was a great power now. His fiancee, Jessie, was now the executive director of Xu Group. Together, they made an extraordinary team. Every other businessman wanted to befriend him. Moreover, he was an amicable person.

"It's strange. If he has so many connections, why is he so eager to apologize to Kevin? He wouldn't be acting this way for one bloody man, would he?" K muttered, suspiciously.

Wayne patted K's shoulder. "In business, peace breeds wealth. It was his fault to begin with. It's better to solve this now instead of letting it go further."

"He just wants to get out of the mess. Miss Xu is my respected client. If I side with him, she would never come back here. Who will compensate for my losses?" K sighed.

Kevin fell silent, seeming to be gazing into the abyss.

Wayne smiled warmly. "K, you are popular. Don't you think you are capable of attracting another big client? Besides, Ben will introduce you to a lot of big names. Your business will only flourish after this deal."

"You're right. It may be a good idea to meet Ben," said Kevin.

"If it was disadvantageous, I would never have come to you with this offer!" Wayne quickly asserted.

"Fix a time and place. I'll come."

Having achieved his goal successfully, Wayne shook his hand and took his leave.

Once he left, K shifted in his chair nervously. "What's wrong, Boss? Did you just let go of your principles for some money?"

Kevin glared at him. "What the hell are you talking about? Do you think I care about Ben's money?"

"Then why did you say yes to him? You threw a man at the gate of Ming Group! And then you promised Mr. Huang to negotiate with Ben? Isn't that contradictory?" K felt angry with this entire bargain. Wayne was going to introduce big clients to him? He wanted to smash his face with an ashtray! Did he think any rich asshole could make up for his relationship with Armani?

Kevin smiled at K as if he was just a child. "I'm only trying to find a way to avenge Miss Xu. Don't you want to go with me?"

K's eyes suddenly lit up. Kevin was indeed a very shrewd guy. He wouldn't go to that meeting without a larger plan. This meeting was going to be very interesting.

But K was still a little confused. "Boss, you never really cared about things like these before. Why do I feel that you are more concerned about Armani than you ordinarily would be?"

Kevin was unstirred. "I don't care about her. I just care about our brand. After all, we need to take accountability for what we did. Although I can't help her publicly, I can make a way for her to vent her anger. I can't let my guests be bullied by these business sharks."

"That's so cool of you," said K as he slapped Kevin's shoulder proudly.

Kevin chuckled. "I am starting to think you want to kill me. Why did you hit me?"

Kevin was being funny, but there was a touch of sadness in his voice. When he told Jacob Armani was leaving the city, he too decided to follow her. He wondered why he wanted to approach Armani secretly.

On t

he other hand, Ben had reached the Ming Group building. It was way past working hours, so most people had already gone home. He was welcomed by a pool of blood at the entrance. Caution tapes had been set up all around the spot. A few police officers were maintaining order, taking statements from the guards. There were already a few reporters lingering around, inquiring like nosy neighbors.

Ben didn't get out of the car, lest he got caught by the media. Joy recognized his car from a distance. Ben slowed the car for her to get in and the two swiftly left the scene without attracting media's attention.

"Well, what's the situation?" Ben asked.

"Oh, it was so miserable. That man's legs were broken. He was bleeding from so many places. If you'd looked at him, you'd have thought he'd die any second. But the doctor said they were all minor injuries. The broken legs will be fine after a few weeks of plaster," Joy reported, nervously.

These kinds of beatings were usually to give a warning. If they'd killed him, there would have been a trial and their reputation would have gone down the drain.

Ben nodded, quietly driving the car.

Little did he care that Jessie was waiting for him at the restaurant for dinner. She hadn't expected that he would break his promise again.

Jessie called him, which he ignored. He wanted to go and meet Kevin. He was in no mood to listen to her banter.

Instead, Joy picked up the phone. "I'm sorry, Miss Xu. Mr. Ming is a little busy. He can't talk to you right now."

"What the hell is he up to at this time?" asked Jessie, shocked.

Joy smiled awkwardly, looking at Ben. "There is an emergency at Ming Group that needs to be dealt with."

"Joy, you don't have to lie to me. I know you've been making excuses for him for years. Whenever he doesn't answer my call, there you are with a thousand explanations. If he wants to speak to Armani, you've a thousand ways to persuade her!" Jessie sneered, feeling like the entire world was against her.

Joy looked at Ben with pursed lips, hoping to get some help dealing with Jessie.

"Well, tell him to rest well. I too have a lot of things to do. I won't disturb him anymore." Jessie hung up the phone and threw it down on the table.

"Let it be," Ben finally said. Meeting Kevin was much more important right now. As for Jessie, she only needed a little coaxing now and then.

Joy nodded and immediately started arranging Ben's schedule.

In J city, it was a sunny morning. People were strolling around in a happy mood. The air was crisp and dry, the temperature was moderate.

Selina reached the hotel to pick Armani up. She was looking forward to spending a full day with her, basking in the pleasant sun.

"Armani! You don't have to work! You are on a holiday. You need to relax now so you can go back and fight those bad people!" Selina said, shaking her shoulders.

She both angered and amused Armani. "I can have a good time whenever I am with you."

With a smug smile, Selina said, "Of course, you can. But if we don't paint the town red together, my reputation would be ruined. I can't let a guest work in a hotel room in my city!"

Selina convinced Armani after a while. The two of them went to FL Bathing Place and changed into bikinis.

While Armani was putting on sunscreen, Selina looked at her with admiration. "Ugh, we all have three meals a day. How is your body so proportioned? Your tiny waist even makes me want to touch it!"

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