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   Chapter 22 Kevin's Response

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 7242

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"Here is the thing. Kevin, Ben of the Ming Group is also a young man. When he saw such a thing happen in the company, he immediately realized that he did something wrong and wanted to ask you out for a meal. If you are not satisfied with him, just talk to him at the table. He has just taken over the company and doesn't like to make trouble. This is a piece of fat. Don't worry about it. He can compensate you for any loss. Losing several clients is nothing. He can bring most of the rich people in QM City to you. " Wayne said boldly.

After all, Ben had great power now. His fiancee, Jessie, now served as the CEO of XU Group. In the business circle of QM City, the two of them were extraordinary. It was what every business man was willing to do to make friends with such a new rich man. Moreover, Ben had a good attitude, so Wayne could rest assured to persuade him.

"It's strange. Since he has so many connections, how could he apologize to boss so easily? He must have seen a lot of ups and downs. It's not a big deal to be afraid of a bloody man. " K muttered.

Wayne patted on the shoulder of K and said, "In business, peace breeds wealth. It was his fault at the beginning. Moreover, it's better to solve the thing than to ignore it."

"He wants to untie it. Miss Armani is my guest. She won't come here again. I don't have much turnover. Who can compensate me for this?" K sighed.

Kevin fell into silence.

Wayne smiled and said, "K, you are so popular at the auction. Aren't you afraid that no big client will come? If you really don't have other big clients, I'll ask Ben to introduce some to you. I promise your business will only be better than before. "

"It sounds that it's good to have a talk with Ben." Said Kevin.

"If there is something wrong, how dare I came for you?" Wayne said in a hurry.

Kevin nodded, "Then book the time and place. I'm free these two points. I'll listen to your arrangement."

Seeing that his goal was achieved, Wayne left happily.

After he left, K immediately asked, "What's wrong, boss? You betrayed us when you saw the money."

Kevin spat at him, "What nonsense are you talking about? Do you think

lent with a gloomy face.

"Well, tell him to have a good rest. There are still a lot of things waiting for me to do in the group. I won't disturb him." After saying that, Jessie hung up the phone and sat alone in the office, angry.

"Leave her alone." The meeting with Kevin was more important now. As for Jessie, she only needed to coax.

Joy nodded and immediately arranged the schedule for Ben.

The sun in J city was the brightest, and it was sunny in the early morning, which made people have a good mood for no reason.

Early in the morning, Selina arrived at the hotel to pick up Armani. Compared with Introducing customers for Armani, Selina preferred to bask in the sunlight with her.

"You don't have to work all the time here. Just have fun and relax. Then you will have the energy to go back and fight with that bad man." Selina said leisurely.

Looking at Selina, Armani was both angry and amused, "I can have a good time here with you."

With a smug smile, Selina said, "That's for sure. If you don't play well in my place, my reputation will be ruined."

Then the two of them went to FL Bathing Place and changed into bikini in the room booked by Selina.

Armani put on the sunscreen. Looking at Armani's curvy figure, Selina rubbed her hands with admiration and said, "I'm confused. We have three meals a day, but why are your muscles so well proportioned? Look at your small waist, I even want to touch it."

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