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   Chapter 21 Make Peace

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 6775

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Jessie had a gentle personality but she was internally a dominating person. She just had her personal way of dominating. That was the reason why she informed the reporters to take pictures of her and Ben going into the hotel. Ben had been drunk at the time, so he had been very easy to manipulate. Although Ben didn't want to talk to Jessie, he was rather worried that she'd do something stupid, so he had simply agreed to her plan.

He looked at the wallpaper on his phone. It was a picture of Armani standing in a sea of sunflowers, stretching her hands and smiling. Whenever he saw the picture, a tenderness took hold of him. Only when he was with her did he feel like himself. But all of that had been ruined. The tenderness in his eyes turned to ice in an instant. He had to destroy her in order to have her. He would take over Xu Group, break her into pieces and finally have her forever.

The phone suddenly rang. The call was from his assistant, Joy. When Ben answered the phone, he heard Joy's usually calm voice shaking. "Mr. Ming, something's happened."

"What's wrong?" Ben asked, concerned.

"A bleeding man was found at the gate of our company. He is the guy who sold you the video from DS Nightclub. Everyone here is freaking out!" Joy was Ben's right-hand but she didn't have the stomach to deal with blood. She felt uneasy at the sight of blood. She could tackle all kinds of blunders but not this...

Ben's jaw clenched. He immediately sped up the car. "Don't call the police. Call an ambulance!"

"Everyone here was frightened. They called the police already. Some officers are here interrogating us. An ambulance has been called, but it's stuck in traffic. People are getting really hysterical here. The man seems to have been tortured, although nothing's confirmed." Joy was out of breath. She put her hand on her heart and calmed herself down. "I'm worried about your safety. Someone from DS Nightclub might be behind this. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. What we did was illegal but they can't kill us because of that. Wait for me at the office. I'll pick you up," said Ben.

"Okay," Joy replied and hung up.

Ben drove speedily. He hadn't expected that Kevin would be so brutal.

He made a call immediately. "Mr. Huang, it looks like we have offended the owner of DS Nightclub. You must help me contact him. Let's meet and discuss the terms for a deal. What happened is my fault and I am willing to apologize."

On the other side of the line, Wayne Huang had been expecting his call. He knew what had gone down in Kevin's club, but he could not reveal that to Ben. He spoke cautiously, "I will make an appointment for you."

Wayne Huang got out of his house and directly headed to the nightclub.

When he reached, he saw Kevin sitting at the front table near the stage. A new singer was singing a jazzy tune. With a cigarette in his hand, K was sitting beside him, looking into his phone screen.

K wanted to go home. But Kevin had asked him to keep reporting Armani's whereabouts and moods to him. After all, it was their negligence that had brought her into trouble. That was not his only motive to stay at the club, though. He was staying in order to get more information from Kevin. Armani had trusted him to extract the name of the man who had slept with her.

While Kevin pretended to listen to the song, K pretended to be busy w

ith his phone. In truth, both of their minds were elsewhere. Both had been thinking about Armani.

"It's so lovely here, Kevin! Compared with yours, my place is much quieter." A man wearing a white, embroidered shirt with black edges walked in the club. A playful smile spread across his face as soon as his eyes found Kevin.

He walked nearer to the table. Kevin jumped to his feet. Shaking his hand, he said, "Mr. Huang, it's been a long time!"

K too stood up and greeted him.

Wayne Huang was one of the most famous businessmen in QM City. He had helped Kevin a lot while he was setting up his nightclub. The two shared a cordial relationship.

K looked at the man suspiciously. After all, it was Wayne Huang who had made the DS employee expose Armani's video. Now that Kevin had dealt with him and thrown him outside Ming Group, here was Wayne Huang. K wondered whether he had hurried here to apologize or strike a deal.

"I have something to talk about. Let's go to your office," said Wayne Huang, rather quietly.

K interjected laughingly, "Why can't I know what you're here to discuss?"

Kevin knew why Wayne Huang had come. "Let's go," he said, grimly.

The two started to go upstairs. K pursed his lips in anticipation. Kevin turned back and gestured for him to follow them. "Come on, we are on the same side."

It was clear Wayne Huang didn't want K to come. In his eyes, he was just a subordinate and could not meddle in important affairs. 'Is Kevin's relationship with him that good? Or is he deliberately trying to humiliate me?' wondered Wayne Huang.

Once they were in the office, Wayne Huang came straight to the point. "Kevin, I'm sorry for what I did to you. I didn't expect he would be so bold. You dealt with it rightly. If I see him, I would tear him apart myself."

"Well, he fell into my hands first. I did what I saw fit." Kevin smiled and poured a cup of coffee for Wayne Huang. "You didn't have to come here to talk about this. It's already taken care of. After all, Miss Xu is a big client. No matter how strong the Ming family is, they cannot embarrass me or her."

"You're right. Ben has just taken over his family business. He doesn't know what you're capable of. Maybe you'll have to teach him a lesson." Suddenly, Wayne Huang's expression turned to that of concern. "In our business, we should pay attention to peace and wealth. Now that you have thrown that man at the gate of Ming Group, the police have taken over. Aren't you making trouble for yourself? If he gives a statement against you, it is likely there will be a trial. The Ming family will take that as an opportunity to retaliate. They will ruin you."

"Oh? Is that so? What do you think I should do? I was so angry! I thought Ben was deliberately hiding and I wanted to make him come and beg me. I didn't think too much," Kevin said modestly.

"I think everyone has something or the other to say. Let's talk about who is right and who is wrong in a meeting. We'd better just focus on our businesses in the future. There is a harmony in the business world. Let's not disturb it."

"But, Mr. Huang, he wronged me and my client. You still want me to make up with him?" Kevin was shocked to hear that Wayne Huang was suggesting peace.

Wayne Huang looked at K. An innocent smile appeared on K's lips. He shrugged as if to say, 'It's not in my hands.'

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