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   Chapter 21 Make Peace

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 6732

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Jessie seemed to be gentle, but in fact, she was domineering and delicate. Otherwise, she wouldn't have taken the drunk Ben to the hotel and informed the reporters to take photos of them. Although Ben didn't want to talk to Jessie, he was really worried that she would do something stupid, so he agreed.

Looking at the screen saver on the phone, Armani was standing in the sea of flowers, stretching out her hand and smiling. There was a touch of tenderness in Ben's eyes. Only when he was with Armani could he have energy. But all of this had been ruined. The tenderness in his eyes turned into ice. If he had to destroy Armani in order to have her, he would destroy XU Group at all costs, beat her into pieces, and then have her completely.

At this time, a phone call came. It was from his assistant, Joy. When Ben answered the phone, he heard Joy's usual calm voice trembling. "Mr. Ben, something happened."

"What's wrong?" Ben asked.

"A bloody man was put at the gate of our company. He was the one who sold the video from DS Nightclub. Everyone in the company is scared." Although Joy was Ben's right-hand assistant, she was a girl after all. She could deal with all kinds of dangerous situations in the workplace. But she was also afraid to see these bloody scenes.

Ben's face darkened. He immediately turned around and rushed to the company. "Don't call the police. Call an ambulance first."

"The onlookers were frightened. They called the police and the police are asking about the situation in our company. The ambulance has been called, but there is a traffic jam on the road and the people in the company are very unstable. However, the police analyzed that it is just a simple gunfight and haven't given the specific report." Joy calmed herself down and said, "I'm just worried about your safety. It should be done by someone from DS Nightclub. Are you okay now?"

"I'm fine. It's against the rules for us to buy the videos this time, but he can't hit me because of this. Otherwise, what

is my big client. No matter how anxious the Ming family is, it's not appropriate to embarrass me."

"You're right. Ben just took over the family business. He doesn't know what you're capable of. You should teach him a lesson." Wayne hurriedly echoed with a smile, but then his expression changed and said with concern, "Anyway, in our business, we should pay attention to peace and wealth. Now that you have thrown that man to MING Group, the police have already taken action. Aren't you making trouble for yourself? If that person says anything to identify him, the Ming family will take the opportunity to retaliate against you with the excuse of affecting your reputation. Both sides lost. "

"Oh? What do you think I should do about it? I was so angry at that time. I thought that Ben didn't give me face and I wanted to teach him a lesson. I didn't think too much. " Kevin asked modestly.

Wayne hurriedly said, "I think everyone has something to say. Let's talk about who is right and who is wrong on the table. We'd better do our own business in the future. Don't hurt the harmony."

"He bullied me like this, I still want to have dinner with him?" Kevin raised his eyebrows and pretended to be unhappy.

Wayne looked at K, and an innocent smile appeared on K's lips. He was just obedient beside and had no room to interfere.

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