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   Chapter 2 I Am Very Satisfied With This Man

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Shocked, K felt his heart drop to his stomach. "Come on, Armani. Don't joke around like that," he said as he laughed nervously.

"What are you afraid of?" Armani said coldly, "Men can buy anything to make them feel happy. Why can't I do the same?"

Defeated, K shook his head and sighed, "Fine. I'll...go find someone for you. Stay here." Then, he stood up and walked out of the door. 'Jeez, she must be really angry to resort to this, ' K thought to himself. 'Well, it's understandable since she was just cheated on. If I don't help her get what she wants, she might just go off on her own and do something she'll regret.'

Thinking of this, he contemplated which of his friends and acquaintances were suitable enough for Armani.

After some time, Armani was starting to get impatient. K had been gone too long. "What's wrong with him?" she complained as she tapped her foot restlessly.

With a grunt, she stood up, intending to look for him. Upon doing so, she found that she was indeed a little drunker than she had anticipated as her knees wobbled weakly. But it was never Armani's nature to admit defeat. Straightening her back, she took a deep breath and went outside.

As soon as she stepped out of the door, she bumped into a tall man. At first glance, Armani thought that he was rather good looking. However, since the lights were so dim inside the bar, she couldn't clearly see what he looked like exactly.

"What... What are you doing?" The man looked at the strange and obviously drunk woman who just suddenly thrown herself at him. To his surprise, she raised her hand and ran her fingers across his chest, as if she was trying to take advantage of him...

No, she was definitely taking advantage of him.

The man's eyes lit up. 'This is rather interesting, ' he mused to himself. He didn't expect to meet a woman who dared to come up to him this strongly on his first night at QM City.

He saw the drunk woman raise her head to look up at him. It was difficult for him to see her face clearly as well, but he was still able to see that she was stunningly beautiful. The black, strapless mini dress she was wearing was undoubtedly flattering on her slender figure.

Armani stood on her toes, half of her body already in his arms. She grabbed tightly on to his tie and leaned into his ear. "Stop pretending like you don't know where this is going," she crooned before unwittingly pulling him into the room.

Jacob Mo didn't resist. He wanted to see where this was going.

He was invited by his friend to come to QM City for a visit. It was said that this city was the economical center-point of the entire country. Most, if not all, of the buildings and facilities here were very well-developed. However, in Jacob Mo's eyes, the style of the city was a combination of both rural and urban, and wasn't particularly special.

In retrospect, this woman in front of him was a lot more interesting than everything else he had seen in this city so far.

As the owner of the H.S Pictures Corporation, Jacob Mo often had women approach him like moths attracted to a brightly lit fire. He had encountered so many women in his lifetime -- some were pure, others were charming, and most were just downright lewd. They had all tried desperately to get into bed with him. Despite this, none of them really garnered his attention.

But now was different. Since he had just closed off a deal today, Jacob Mo was in a rather good mood. Besides, no one in QM City recognized him. It was a rare moment for him to get rid of his identity as the owner of the H.S Pictures Corporation.

What was more, the woman in front of him looked quite pleasing.

After stepping into the room, Armani closed the door behind them and leaned against the sofa. Her hea

d was spinning from all the wine she had drank. Then, she looked up at the man in front of her carefully, her big, charm eyes shining brightly against the light overhead.

From the look on her face, Jacob Mo could tell that she was pleasantly surprised by how he looked.

Physical health was an important thing for him, after all. His chest and shoulders were wide and strong. Even under his long-sleeved shirt, it was easy to see that his arms were nicely toned. Every inch of his body was perfection. It was apparent that he was blessed with his genes. Jacob Mo had a tall, straight nose, his sharp eyes slightly raised on the corners, and his thin lips seemed to always rest into a malicious smile. All of his angular features made him look a male supermodel that was always on the covers of fashion magazines.

"Do you like what you see?" Jacob Mo said as he casually sat on the sofa.

'Why does he look familiar?' Armani thought drunkenly. 'Eh. It doesn't matter. I'm probably just nervous since I don't know much about this sort of thing.'

"Yes, I do," she purred, putting her arm around Jacob's shoulder. "Take me away now."

'Take her away? Are all the women in this city so active? And so casual?'

Jacob took a glance at Armani and found that she was well-dressed. What was more, she was actually even wearing some jewelry of his own family's brand. The women usually bought these with good taste and lots of money.

Even though it only appeared that the woman in front of him was really just looking for a casual affair, he was convinced that she was interested enough in him to spend the night with him.

The only thing that was holding him back now was his identity. "I'm basically broke and can't afford anything," he lied to her, smiling wickedly.

'Broke? Is this an act? K is really good at choosing a man for me. But it looks like the fees for a handsome man like him aren't low.' Getting a bit impatient, Armani patted his shoulder and told him not to worry. "I don't care about any of that.

I don't care if you have money or not. Anyway, whatever the price may be, I can afford it. Don't ever doubt that."

Hearing this, Jacob smiled even wider and scooched in closer to her, wrapping his arm around her waist. "Then tell me, what are we going to do next?"

Armani cast a sidelong glance at him, her almond-like eyes looking at him intently. The way she looked at him made his heart beat a little faster.

"Help me to my room first." She handed a key card to him which led to a private room upstairs. Afterwards, she leaned against him and closed her eyes.

Looking at the key card in his hand, Jacob put it away with a smirk. Then, he effortlessly carried Armani in his arms and went upstairs.

A few minutes later, K had returned to the bar together with several of his carefully chosen friends. He had made sure what the situation was to them, and explained that he didn't want anything to happen to Armani. K knew that Armani just wanted to do something bad because she was sad and angry. Even so, K would not let such a thing happen to her. It was something she might end up regretting afterward, and as her friend, he didn't want that to happen.

However, upon arriving there, Armani was nowhere in sight. Cursing under his breath, he tried calling her number only to get instantly hung up.

There was a high chance that she was in a bad mood and didn't want to answer the phone. It had happened before.

K smiled helplessly and asked the men to just help themselves to the wine left on the table, promising to still pay them afterwards.

On the other hand, Armani and Jacob had just reached the room. Upon entering, Jacob threw her on the bed.

It was only then that he finally saw Armani's face clearly.

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