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   Chapter 200 A Jealous Man! (Part Two)

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Myra had no choice but to nod with a smile and promised again and again, "I won't leave the ward. I will obediently lie on the bed to rest!"

Since Justin took the medicine for gastritis from the doctor last time, he felt much better. But recently, he was busy looking for Ella, he couldn't eat on time every day, so he began to feel pain in his stomach again. He didn't remember to go to the hospital to get the medicine until he came back from overtime at night. He didn't expect to see Allen in the doctor's office. He wondered why he came to the hospital. 'He didn't look like ill! Was Myra ill?'

He hurried over and asked, "Why are you here? Where is Myra? "

Allen looked at him and didn't know whether he should tell him or not. But seeing that he was so worried, he said, "Sister Chloe! She just had a fever! Nothing serious! Are you ill too? "

Justin was still worried, "Where is she? I'll go see her! I just came here to get some medicine! "

Allen was about to refuse him. 'Sister Chloe and young master were together now. If he saw Justin, he might be angry again. I'd better not cause any trouble!' Justin said anxiously, "Are you afraid that Carl will be angry? But I'm Myra's classmate, and it's natural for me to see her. If Carl doesn't even have the tolerance, he really has no right to say that he loves her! "

At last, Allen took Justin to Myra's ward. Fortunately, Carl had just gone out for a while. Myra heard the knock on the door, without guessing, she knew it was Allen, because Carl couldn't come back so soon.

But when she saw Justin, she was surprised and said, "Justin! Why are you here? "

Justin walked over with a smile, "I happened to come here to get some medicine, and I happened to meet Allen. He told me that you had a fever, so I came to see you. Are you feeling better now?"

Allen sat on the chair outside the ward.

Myra said with embarrassment, "It's just a fever. They are making a fuss! But you don't look good! How are you doing recently? "

Justin still smiled and said, "The same as before! But you'd better stay in the hospital for a few more days. Take care of yourself in the future! Don't work too hard! "

Being amused, Myra smiled and said, "I know. You too! It seems that you have worked very hard too. You have come to the hospital to get the medicine. You should have a good rest! By the way, what about you and your fiancee? "

Hearing that, Justin sighed and said, "It's hard to s

husband to make me feel at ease! Do you want to see me with black eyes tomorrow? "

Myra pretended to be happier and said, "My good husband knows my heart so well that he even knows that I want to see him with black eyes tomorrow!"

Carl felt really wronged. Why was the woman he loved so different?

After playing with him for a while, Myra explained slowly, "Look at you, such a mean man. Don't accuse him of being your rival in love in the future! He is going to be a father. I guess he will get married soon! "

Carl still couldn't believe it, "Are you sure what you just said is true? Will he give up on you and marry another woman? I still can't believe it! "

Myra said impatiently, "Oh my God! You don't believe it! Isn't it a good thing that your rival in love is going to get married? Why are you still unhappy? I won't lie to you about this! You can think it over! "

Carl sighed, "I can see that he still has you in his heart. He asked me to take good care of you when he went out just now! Don't make you too busy with your work! It shows how important you are in his heart! "

"So what? I don't love him. I love you. Since he says he is going to get married, I'll be happy for him! I can't afford his love anyway! Don't be jealous! "

Hearing this, Carl said happily, "I know. It's just a joke. Of course I believe that you have nothing to do with him! If you had something, we wouldn't have been together today, would we? I just can't help feeling jealous when I see you being so intimate with other men. I don't know why! Is it a kind of disease? Or do I really love you too much and care too much about you? "

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