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   Chapter 199 A Jealous Man! (Part One)

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In the end, Myra left the villa with disappointment with Hardy. Before leaving, Jeremy didn't forget to say, "I appreciate you very much! I hope you are the future wife of our Jiang Family! "

On the way back, Hardy couldn't help saying, "Young master! That Jeremy didn't want to give you the land. What should we do? "

Looking out of the window in a daze, Myra said, "We've tried our best. What else can we do? Let's go back first! I want to take a nap. Wake me up when we arrive! "

Hardy replied, "Yes!" He continued to drive, but the speed was not as fast as before. He also knew how difficult it was for Myra. It seemed that she was really tired!

When they arrived at the city, Myra woke up. Hardy asked with concern, "Young master! Do you want to eat something before we go back? "

Myra was still a little tired and had no appetite. She answered, "I won't eat. You can eat some if you are hungry. I'll just wait in the car! "

In the end, Hardy didn't get out of the car to eat anything. He directly sent Myra back to the villa. After she got out of the car, he said with concern, "Young master! You must have dinner when you go back! Don't stay up late! Call me if you need anything! "

"Oh!" said Myra lightly. Then she walked into the villa.

Carl was watching TV in the living room. Seeing that Myra came in, he said with relief, "Rain! You're back! Sit down and drink some water first! "

Myra sat obediently on the sofa, she felt very happy to see Carl busy for her. She took a sip of water and said slowly, "Carl! Are you watching TV here waiting for me to come back? Don't wait next time. Just call me, okay? "

Carl just smiled gently and said, "It is okay. I like to wait! You look a little tired. Have you had dinner? "

Myra leaned her head on his shoulder, she enjoyed it and said, "Let me lean against you for a while!"

"Okay," replied Carl gently.

He felt something was wrong a few minutes later. 'Did Rain fall asleep?' He took a look. She really fell asleep. His hand inadvertently touched her forehead. It was so hot. Damn it! She had a fever. He said anxiously, "Rain! Wake up! "

tell the doctor! How about we come back and do the examination later? Carl! Allen! Just promise me! "

Allen quickly found an excuse to go away, "Sister Chloe! I forgot that I left my phone in the car. " Then he ran away quickly.

Carl, who was left behind, cursed in his heart, 'This Allen was so ungrateful. He left me alone here this time!'

Myra said like a spoiled child, "Carl! You would listen to me, right? Just this time, okay? My dear husband! "

With a bitter smile, Carl refused ruthlessly, "My good wife! We should listen to the doctor when we are sick, right? Besides, I will always be with you! Just this time. I'll listen to you from now on, okay? "

Myra knew that she couldn't persuade Carl, she was a little angry. She played with her mobile phone and ignored him. The innocent Carl had to continue to coax her, "Rain! Don't be like this! Talk with me! I'm sorry! "

Seeing that it was almost enough, Myra raised her head happily and said, "Good husband! I want to eat snacks! Go out and buy some for me! "

Carl helplessly persuaded her, "Rain! It's not good to eat snacks when you are ill! How about I peel an apple for you? "

Myra disagreed directly, "No! I only want snacks! Go and buy some for me! "

Unable to bear her coquetry, Carl had to agree to go out and buy some snacks for her. But he repeatedly reminded her, "You have to stay in the ward obediently! Don't run around! "

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