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   Chapter 198 You'd Better Think It Over! (Part Two)

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The next day, when Carl came to wake up her, she almost overslept. Noticing that she was obviously not in good spirit, Carl said worriedly, "Rain! What's wrong with you? Are you feeling uncomfortable? You don't look well. How about you have a rest today? "

Myra didn't tell him about his mother's call last night, she cheered up and said with a smile, "It is okay. Maybe because I had a nightmare last night! I'm fine. Let's go downstairs! Otherwise, Allen will be anxious! "

Carl knew that there was nothing he could do with the thing that Myra insisted on. "Okay!" He held her hand and went downstairs!

Although Myra always wanted to hide the things in her heart, Carl had been with her for a long time, he could tell it from her movements. He knew that she must be trapped by something! But Myra didn't want to tell him, so there was nothing he could do!

After reading the documents for a while in the company, Josef picked up her phone and called Josef. Seeing that it was an unknown number, Josef didn't want to answer it at first. But on second thought, 'Was it from Myra? Didn't she change her phone number last time?'

He answered the phone with expectation, "Hello! Is it Myra? "

Compared with the happiness of Josef, Myra was not happy at all. She said helplessly, "What are you busy with? Did I disturb you? "

Josef smiled and said, "You wouldn't me just to ask me these boring questions, would you? Just tell me! I'm not used to it! "

Hearing this, Myra stopped thinking and begged slowly, "It's still about the land! I hope your company can give up voluntarily! That land is really important to me! "

Josef asked, "Do you think it's possible? We have made it clear last time! In fact, that land is also very important to my company! "

Myra didn't want to beat around the bush anymore. She said directly, "Josef! I never beg you for anything in my life. Just take it as I beg you for help now, okay? Just take it as you pay the debt that you hurt me in the past, okay? "

Hearing what she said, Josef stared blankly at the documents in his hands for a long time before he said, "Myra! I know I hurt you a lot in the past, but even the land can't make up for my fault! I think it's better for us two companies to merge together! "

Feeling that there was no hope, Myra finally said, "You'd better think it over! That's it! Bye! "

After hanging up the phone, she sent a message to Hardy and went to Carl's office.

Carl was still busy with his work, he was surprise

my! The relationship between your last generation and ours is different. I don't know why you did that at that time. But Josef has a good life except that his parents are dead. But I think you should persuade him to come out, because the person I love is no longer him. If we keep pestering with each other like this, he will only fall deeper and deeper! "

With a bitter smile, Jeremy said, "He has fallen too deep in love with you. If it weren't for this, I wouldn't have used that land to make you two together. Seeing him abandon himself, I felt heartbroken, but sometimes I admired him very much. At least he didn't want to let go of your hand and was still holding on. If I had insisted before, such a thing wouldn't have happened now! You are a good girl. Please help me! "

Myra was really speechless. It seemed that like father, like son was really right. It was the same as what Josef said. But she still remembered what she came here for.

She sighed and said, "Uncle Jeremy! I'm sorry! I really can't help you with this! I also have someone I love, and he loves me very much. I also hope that you can pity us and don't make things difficult for us, okay? "

Seeing that he couldn't persuade her, Jeremy lost his patience and said in a somewhat dignified tone, "Myra! I have asked you to think about it for so many days. You should understand! If you don't come back to Josef, you will never get that land! That's all I have said! You can think it over! "

Myra didn't want to miss the opportunity and continued to ask, "Uncle Jeremy! I know you have gone through a lot. Why do you make things difficult for me? That land is really important to me! "

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