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   Chapter 197 You'd Better Think It Over! (Part One)

Hello, My CEO Ex-husband By Chang Du Characters: 7037

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After lunch, Myra talked a lot with Josef. Seeing that he was not so negative, she went back to her company.

As soon as she arrived at the office, Carl knocked on the door, came in and asked with concern, "Rain! Where did you go just now? Did you have lunch? How is it going? "

Myra said seriously, "I went to see Josef just now. This morning, Simon came to see me and said that Josef didn't eat or drink at home, he asked me to persuade him. I went in a hurry and didn't have time to tell you! Are you mad at me? "

Carl hugged her gently and said, "Rain! I'm no longer the unreasonable Carl before. I don't blame you. You went to see Josef just because you were worried about him, didn't you? In fact, if I were you today, I would also go. He is not only your ex-husband, but also your savior. Moreover, I believe that you really love me! Is he feeling better now? "

Hearing what he said, Myra said happily, "Carl! Thank you for believing me! I had lunch with him just now. He should be much better! Sometimes I feel that I'm very selfish. I am with you, but I have to go to persuade him. I'm so sorry for you! "

Carl said gently, "Silly girl! Don't think too much. You have done enough for me! "

Ella and Anthony had been in touch with each other since the incident of the tap last time. She thought it was because they were from the same hometown. At dinner time, Mother Lee asked in an ambiguous way, "Ella! When did you date Anthony secretly? Why don't you share the good news with me? "

Ella answered in confusion, "Mother Lee! You misunderstood. Anthony and I are just from our hometown. Don't think too much! "

Mother Lee still snickered, "Ella! You still want to keep it a secret! Others have already seen it! Tell me, when did it start? Did it happen when I was not at home last time? "

Seeing her gossipy look, Ella said innocently, "Mother Lee! It's really not what you think! You know I'm pregnant. Anthony helped me a lot only because he saw that I was pitiful. I don't dare to flatter him! He is a good young man! Mother Lee, don't forget to introduce a good girl to hi

r! How can we boost others' morale and destroy ourselves? Trust me again, okay? Only this time! I'll go back to England to get married as soon as I get that Nicole done! "

May insisted, "It's none of your business to deal with Nicole! Leave it to Hardy. You just need to come back and be the bride! How could you use yourself as a bait to lure your enemy into the trap? It's too risky. I won't agree! Don't ever think about it! "

Myra continued to beg, "Aunt! Only this time. The land will be acquired soon. I just need to persuade Josef. Don't give up so easily! I have put so much energy into it. "

May felt a little strange, "What does that land have to do with Josef? Are you still connected with him? I asked you to complete the task, not to fall in love with him! "

Myra said innocently, "The other shareholder of the land is Josef's biological father! Could it have nothing to do with him? If it were only Winfred, I would have bought it. "

May hesitated for a moment and said, "I'll give you more time. But if you dare to mess around again, I will go back to H city myself and tie you back to England! Don't worry about Nicole for the time being. Just focus on the land! "

Myra obviously couldn't fall asleep after she hang up the phone. She must get the land very soon, but Josef didn't want to give up. She thought about it the whole night. She didn't fall asleep until dawn.

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