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   Chapter 196 I Wish You Happiness Too! (Part Two)

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Josef had to force a smile and said innocently, "I wonder if Carl has ever been treated like this? I haven't seen you for the past three years. Every time I see you now, I will be covered with scars. I don't know when you have become my nemesis. I really thought I was dreaming just now! If it weren't in the dream, I wouldn't dare to touch you even if you gave me one million guts! "

Myra sneered, "This special treatment is only for you. You should feel lucky! Don't you want to drink now? It is not like this to go on a diet! I thought I saw a half-dead man just now. I didn't expect to see a drunkard who didn't even know whether it was a dream or not. "

Josef chuckled, "Are you disappointed? But thank you for coming to see me. Can I think that you still care about me a little? I'm going to wash my face. You can take a look around the room to see if there is any change before you left. "

"Go ahead! By the way, change your clothes! Aren't you afraid that the stinky smell of alcohol will make others faint? I'll go downstairs first! "

Josef didn't leave after he heard her words, which made her confused. She was about to ask him. Josef said unhappily, "Are you leaving again? I won't take a shower! No one cares about it anyway. It will be the best if I can make you faint. "

Myra was speechless! "Josef! Are you a pig? If I want to leave, what is the use that you are here? I just want to go downstairs and have a talk with Mrs. Liu! Go and take a shower! I'm so ashamed of you! "

Josef still didn't believe that Myra would be so obedient, he said worriedly, "You promise to wait for me in the room, then I will go to change my clothes! Otherwise, I won't change my clothes! Your words are not credible at all! "

Sweating, Myra had to agree impatiently, "Okay! Let me have a look in the room! But I have always been highly credible. Your worry is in vain! "

Hearing this, Josef felt relieved and went into the bathroom with his clothes. Bored, Myra looked around the room again. But she had looked around it once just now! It was so boring to watch things two times!

Josef was still worried that Myra would sneak away when he was in the bathroom, so he quickly washed up and changed his clothes and came out. Myra had thought that she would have to wait for a long time, but she didn't expect that Josef would come out in just a few minutes. She thought that he must be afraid that she would leave, so he was in such a hurry. But she couldn't be happy! She had told him several times, but he didn't believe her. How could she not be aggrieved?


eing that he was in silence, Myra knew that he had heard what she said just now. She didn't want to make things difficult for him anymore. Let him figure it out by himself! With a little regret, she continued to eat. Of course, it was not good for her. This man was also the man she loved deeply before. She might have come back to choose him if it weren't for Carl. But it was too late!

After a while, as if nothing had happened, Josef asked, "If it weren't for Carl! Is it possible for us to be together? "

Myra said coldly, "This assumption is impossible, you'd better face the reality." She knew in her heart that it was really good to him to make him give up hope this time. If it went on like this, the three of them would have a hard time!

Josef continued in a somewhat disappointed tone, "Are you even unwilling to give me an answer? I know what I have missed. I know what you are trying to persuade me. Can I pretend that I know nothing? But it seems impossible, doesn't it? You can let Carl go into your heart, but why don't you give me a chance and directly shut my heart out? "

Myra also looked at him seriously and said, "Josef! I really wish you happiness! Although you hurt me so much in the past, I don't want to blame you anymore! Everyone will be unhappy if the resentment goes on! Just let go of the other and forgive the other. That's what we should do! "

With a bitter smile, Josef said sadly, "It's easy for you to say that! But why does my heart still hurt so much? Doesn't you say that everyone will be happy? But every day that I can't see you is a hard day for me. All I know is that I don't want to let go of your hand, I just want to be with you forever! We will never be apart! "

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