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   Chapter 191 I Fall In Love With You Hopelessly! (Part One)

Hello, My CEO Ex-husband By Sisi Qingwang Characters: 7261

Updated: 2020-09-16 19:15

In the other room, Carl was watching a movie, but he didn't know what was playing in the movie. All he could think about was the scene that Josef was kissing with Myra, he couldn't get rid of it. No one explained to him that it was just a misunderstanding. Although he had always hinted in his heart that it might be nothing and he couldn't doubt Myra's love for him.

But he still couldn't forget it even he had been working the whole night, and he didn't dare to see her. He was afraid that he couldn't help asking her. He didn't want her to think that he was making trouble out of nothing again, but he was worried about it all the time.

After finishing her work, Myra lay down on the bed and sent a message to Carl, "Dear husband! What are you busy with? "

Carl, who was upset, suddenly received a message from Myra. Seeing this, he felt a little better and replied, "Dear wife! I'm watching a movie. what about you? Haven't you gone to bed yet? Don't stay up too late! It's not good for your health! "

The phone rang, it was a message. When Myra saw it, she smiled and continued to reply, "Dear husband! Don't you love me anymore? How can you watch a movie instead of talking to me? Are you angry because I didn't have dinner with you tonight? Then your wife have to say to you now. Sorry! Can you forgive me? "

When Carl saw this message, he couldn't help but smile happily as he imagined the lovely look on Myra's face. What was happier than the woman he loved coaxing him? He texted, "I forgive you for the time being for the sake of your sincere apology. But you can't do it again. You don't know that without your company, I didn't even have enough food. How poor I am! "

Seeing the message, Myra smiled happily, "Honey! Are you not full? No way! How about getting up and having supper? Your wife is also hungry. Let's enjoy the instant noodles together! "

After reading her reply, Carl quickly replied, "Love instant noodles? Good! But let your husband cook for you. It's a rare chance. Come downstairs in five minutes! I'll prepare it right away! I love you, Carl! "

After reading the message, Myra laughed and quickly changed her clothes. Fiv

had such a cute side. He continued to text, "If loving you was taking the wrong medicine! I'd rather take the wrong medicine in the rest of my life. And I'm sober now. Well, it is last, I won't disturb you! Good night! Love you forever! "

At the same time, Myra, who was sleepy, was about to fall asleep. She didn't want to talk with him any longer even he wanted to. But she still read the last message before going to bed. After reading it, she directly put her mobile phone on the bed table and fell asleep.

In fact, Josef was looking forward to receiving a good night message from Myra, but he waited for a long time and didn't receive it. He fell asleep with disappointment.

The next day, Carl woke up in the morning and felt refreshed. After washing and changing his clothes, he went to wake up Myra.

After Myra got up, she was in a good mood too. She had already forgotten the message she sent to Josef last night. The two of them went downstairs to have breakfast together.

Seeing the two go downstairs, Allen greeted, "Sister Chloe! Young master! Good morning! Do you show off your love early in the morning? Alas! Is it really appropriate to do it in front of a single man? "

Myra was amused and said, "Handsome Allen! Good morning! Do you want me to advertise for you to find a girlfriend later? All the female employees in our company are waiting for you to choose. Is it really good for you to pretend to complain? "

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