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   Chapter 111 I Love Him! I Won't Leave Him! (Part One)

Hello, My CEO Ex-husband By Sisi Qingwang Characters: 7268

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After hanging up the phone, Myra went to sleep. After all, it was one o'clock in the morning.

Carl, who was in Britain far away, was so happy to hear that "I love you". He still couldn't calm down when he came back home.

"Your master! What good news do you have today? Why don't you tell me about it? " Said Anna.

"Anna! This is a secret! I'm going upstairs. " Then Carl ran away quickly.

"Young master! What a naughty girl! It seemed that it had something to do with Rain! Only she can make young master so happy. " Anna thought.

"What's wrong? Anna! I heard Carl's voice just now. Is he off duty? " Said May, walking out of the kitchen.

"Yes! Madam! Have you finished it? " As soon as Anna finished her words, she walked into the kitchen and looked around.

Yes, it was May who came out of the kitchen with an apron just now. Didn't know what was wrong with her today. She came to ask Anna to teach her how to cook in the afternoon.

"Yes! Come here and check it for me. " May immediately asked Anna.

Anna went into the kitchen and looked at the dish made by May. It looked good in color, but she didn't know how it tasted. While she was thinking.

May had already put a small piece into Anna's mouth with chopsticks.

"Madam! I can do it myself! " Anna said.

"It doesn't matter. Have a taste and see how it tastes." Said May.

Anna had to take a small bite and said, "Madam! It tastes good. If you don't believe me, you can have a taste yourself. "

"Really? Anna! Are you trying to make me happy? " May said happily.

"Madam! Of course I didn't lie to you. It's not easy for you to cook for the first time, but of course you can't compare with me. " Said Anna with a smile.

May didn't believe it and took a sip. "Did I lie to you?" Said Anna.

"Thank you! Anna! If you hadn't taught me well, I wouldn't have learned so fast. But don't tell anyone that I have learned how to cook. Don't serve this dish later. " Said May.

"Madam! I see! I won't tell anyone. " Said Anna.

"Okay, Anna! Then I'll go back first. " Said May.

"Don't you stay for dinner with young master before going back?" Asked Anna.

"No, I have to go out wi

Isn't it good to wear casual clothes? You don't have to wear formal clothes! " Allen said.

"You think too much! I should be serious in the company. And when you have time, dye your hair back! " Said Myra.

"Sister Chloe! I don't want to dye my hair back! " Allen said sadly.

"You shouldn't have talked too much." Said Myra.

"All right! Let's have breakfast first. They have already prepared breakfast for us. " Allen said.

"Miss Chloe! Mr. Allen! Good morning! " The two servants greeted them.

"Good morning." Allen said.

"Good morning!" Myra replied briefly and began to have breakfast.

Seeing the two servants walk away, Allen said, "Sister Chloe! Can't you just say a few more words? Don't you think it's appropriate to be so cold to others? "

"Finish your breakfast and go to work!" After saying that, Myra quietly ate breakfast without saying anything.

"Sister Chloe! Don't worry! It's still early. " Allen saw that Myra didn't want to say anything, so he shut up.

On the way to the company, Allen was still wondering if he should dye his hair back.

"Sister Chloe! Can I dye my hair back later? " Allen pleaded.

"How idle you are! What about the cooperation with Fang Group? " Said Myra.

"It's going on, Sister Chloe! Don't worry! I will do it myself. But there is still something wrong with the Fang Group! " Allen said.

"What's the problem? Try your best to meet the needs of Fang Group!" Said Myra.

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