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   Chapter 86 She Was Molested (Part Two)

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"How could that be?" Myra said speechlessly.

"By the way, you have changed the topic. Why didn't you tell me why you cried?" Said Carl.

What? Why did he insist on asking this? Rain thought speechlessly!

"I went upstairs first." After saying that, Myra ran upstairs.

Looking at the back of Rain, Carl was speechless too. 'How could this woman be like this? I care about her out of kindness. Is it necessary for her to leave so fast? I won't eat her.'

Seeing that Anna hadn't prepared dinner yet, Carl went upstairs to take a shower before coming downstairs.

When Myra came down again, she saw that Anna had prepared the dinner. But she didn't see Carl. Where was he?

"Rain! Come down! It's time for dinner. Where is Mr. Carl? " Asked Anna.

"I don't know. I saw him on the sofa before I went upstairs just now. " Said Myra.

"Maybe he went upstairs! How about you help me ask him to come down? " Said Anna.

"Okay." Myra answered with a smile, but she couldn't smile in her heart. 'Why do you ask me to call him, Anna? Can you change another person?'

That was the only thing Myra could think of. She walked upstairs.

When she arrived at Carl's room, she knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered. What? Wasn't he in the room? Where could he go? But why didn't he answer?

"Carl! Are you there? Dinner is ready! Just answer me! Carl! It's time for dinner downstairs." Myra tried so hard but he didn't answer. Didn't he hear?

What's wrong with Carl? Myra was so angry that she wanted to go downstairs directly. But when she thought that it was the first time that Anna asked her for help. It would be bad if she couldn't even do that. So Myra had to continue knocking at the door.

Maybe it was because Myra knocked too hard, the door was opened. Of course, Myra didn't have the strength. It was just because the door was not closed well when Carl entered.

"Carl! Are you here? Answer me! Do you fall asleep? Even if you fall sleep, you should wake up since I knocked on the door so loudly. Are you a pig? " Myra changed from shouting just now to murmuring.

She didn't have the guts to call Carl a pig. She mumbled in a low voice.

But Myra didn't see Carl on the bed. Where did he go? She called him for a long time, but he wasn't at home? Thinking of this, Myra left angrily.

"Why are you here?" Carl suddenly stood in front of Myra.

"Ah! You! You! Where did you co

ke it, just eat it. Don't bother me anymore!"

"Wow! You are really bad tempered. Open the door! Let's have a talk! " Said Carl.

"I have nothing to talk to you. You can leave now. I don't want to see you." Myra said angrily.

"If you don't want to talk with me, I won't go downstairs. Are you going to open the door yourself? Or do you want me to kick the door open and come in? " Said Carl.

"What? Are you insane? Anyway, it's your home. You can do whatever you like! I'm not the one to lose. " Said Myra.

"My house has many doors. It's okay for me to break a hundred a day. " Carl kicked the door as he said.

"Carl! Are you insane?" Myra opened the door impatiently.

"Why don't you open the door early? It hurts to kick the door, though it's easy for me to kick it open." Carl came in and said.

"Sir! If you have anything to talk about, please say it as soon as possible! I need to rest." Myra said coldly.

After hearing the word "Sir", Carl frowned and thought that this woman was really angry. It seemed that he really misunderstood her.

"I was wrong. I'm sorry. I apologize for what happened just now. Will you forgive me?"' Carl said with grievance.

"I really don't dare to accept the apology of Mr. Carl! Have you finished? Can you get out now? " Said Myra.

"Rain! I've already apologized. What else do you want?" Said Carl.

This woman asked him to apologize to her again and again. How dare she? She didn't even appreciate it! 'How dare she? I haven't ever apologized to anyone, okay?'

"All right! Mr. Carl. I accept your apology. Can you get out now?" Myra said coldly.

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