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   Chapter 85 She Was Molested (Part One)

Hello, My CEO Ex-husband By Sisi Qingwang Characters: 7055

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"Josef! Let's keep you company!" Said Albert.

"I'm not a child. You don't have to worry about me. I just want to stay alone for a while. You can go back now. I'm going back to my room." Then Josef left.

"Josef!" Patrick and Simon still wanted to say something. But Josef had already went upstairs like a walking corpse.

"Albert. What should we do?" Said Patrick.

"Patrick! You can go back with Simon first. I'll stay with Josef. And you have to continue to investigate why Myra drove to the sea. Whether she is alive or dead, you have to find out the truth." Said Albert.

"Okay, Albert. Call us if you need anything. " Said Simon.

"Okay. Then call me." Said Albert.

"Albert. You have to take good care of Josef! I'm leaving!" Then Patrick left with Simon.

Seeing that only Albert was sitting on the sofa, Mrs. Liu came over and asked, "Mr. Albert, What happened to Mr. Sawyer? I see that Mr. Sawyer is very depressed. "

"Just now, we found that the car driven by Myra fell into the sea." Said Albert.

"What? Miss Myra! Wasn't she missing? How could her car fall into the sea? No wonder Mr. Sawyer was so sad. What a poor Miss Myra! Why do you take things too hard for no reason?" Mrs. Liu said sadly.

"I didn't find Myra at the bottom of the sea. Maybe she is still alive." Said Albert.

"You mean you only found the car? You haven't found Miss Myra? Thank God! May the girl be safe! " Mrs. Liu said happily.

"I just said that it was possible. If she also fell into the sea with the car, there was very little chance of her survival. Myra can't swim, can she?" Said Albert.

"How could this be? Yes! Miss Myra. She can't swim." Mrs. Liu sighed.

"I really hope that Myra didn't fall down with the car. Maybe she was just caught by someone else. Josef... He can't accept such a blow." Said Albert.

Myra was bored watching a movie at home, and Carl went to school again. She had to go downstairs and have a talk with Anna.

"What's wrong? Rain? Aren't you resting in your room?" Asked Anna when she saw Myra coming down.

"Anna. I miss you. I come downstairs to have a

d to me." Myra cried.

"Rain! Don't cry. If you keep crying, you won't be beautiful and you will become ugly." Anna said with a smile.

"Okay. I won't cry. I don't want to be ugly." Said Myra.

When Carl came in from school, he saw Myra crying.

"What's wrong with you?" Carl asked.

"Mr. Carl. You're back!" Anna greeted.

Myra wiped her tears immediately and felt embarrassed.

"Rain. Don't cry. I'm going to prepare dinner for you." Said Anna.

"Anna. Let me help you!" Myra felt embarrassed and wanted to find an excuse to leave.

"No, thanks. You'd better stay here." Then Anna went into the kitchen.

"What's wrong? Who bullied you? " Carl walked to sit next to Myra and asked.

"Nothing. I just got sand in my eyes." Myra lied.

"Rain. Is there any sand in my house? I have lived here for more than ten years, but why don't I know? You'd better tell a wise lie." Said Carl.

"Do you have to expose my lie? Don't you know there is white lies in the world? " Myra said with grievance.

"Rain! What are you thinking about? What did this have to do with white lies? Why are you crying?" Carl still wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

"Can you call me Sister Rain from now on? I look older than you. You call me Rain, which I'm not used to." Said Myra.

"I like it. I'm not used to calling you Sister Rain. You'd better get used to my calling you Rain! " Said Carl.

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