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   Chapter 83 You Don't Have To Lie To Me Anymore (Part One)

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At the same time, Bess's men also called her and told her that they had found the clue at QY Sea.

Bess asked her men to go first. Then she called Justin and rushed to the company.

As soon as Justin heard the news, he drove to QY Sea from the company.

Josef drove at full speed all the way.

"Josef! Don't drive too fast! " Sitting in the car, Albert said with fear.

"I'm sorry! Albert! I just want to get to QY Sea as soon as possible. Josef said as he slowed down the car.

"Simon! Boss drives so fast. He seems to be racing. " Said Patrick.

"Yes! He drives too fast. " Simon said. He drove very fast, but he was still far behind.

When Josef arrived, he saw that Albert's men were arguing with another group of people.

"What's going on?" Josef asked Albert.

"I don't know! Didn't I just come here with you? " Said Albert.

At this time, the leader of Albert's men saw him, so he rushed over and said, "Boss! Mr. Josef! You are finally here. "

"What the hell is going on? Who are those people? " Albert asked.

"We don't know who they are! When we want to get into the water, they stopped us, saying that we should wait for their lady to come. " The man said.

"I'll talk to them." Josef said and walked over.

"Josef! Wait for me! " Albert followed him closely.

"Who on earth sent you here? Why did you stop us from looking for people in the water?" Josef walked over and said.

"I'm sorry! Sir! We are also looking for someone according to our lady's order. Let's wait until she comes! We can't make a decision. She is on the way. She will be here soon. " One of the men said.

Josef knew that it was useless to waste time with them. He'd better wait until the lady they talked about came!

"Josef! How about... " Albert was about to say something.

"Don't mess around. It is no big deal to wait a few more minutes." Josef interrupted him.

At this time, Simon and Patrick also arrived.

Simon came down and asked, "Josef! Why are there so many people here? Are they also our people? "

"No, I don't know who sent them." J

e also anxiously waiting for the news from their men.

"Myra! You wouldn't do this, right? Do you look down upon your own life just for the unfaithful man like Josef? Didn't you say that you would be happy when you were with me? It can't be you. You won't do this to me. " Bess looked down at the cliff and thought.

Half an hour later, Albert's men and Bess's men finally climbed up from the bottom of the cliff.

Josef really wanted to know the answer now, but he was more afraid to hear the answer was Myra.

"You ask them first! I'll wait here. " Josef wanted to retreat and asked Albert.

"All right! Patrick, stay here with Josef! I'll go with Simon. " Said Albert.

When Bess and Justin saw their men coming up, they rushed over and asked.

"Patrick! It can't be Myra, right? It can't be her. She must be playing at other place. Do you think so? " Josef said with fear.

"Josef! Don't think too much. I believe it won't be Myra. You have to be confident in yourself. " Said Patrick.

"How's it going? Have you found anything under the sea? " Albert and Simon came over and asked.

"Boss! I'm sorry! We only found this phone and the car key. " The group leader said as he handed them to Albert.

When Albert saw the picture on the screen, he knew it was Myra's phone. It was Myra on the screen.

"What's going on? Where is she? " Albert asked anxiously.

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