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   Chapter 77 His Name Is Carl (Part One)

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"My lady! Still nothing! I haven't found her yet. " Bess's subordinate called and said.

"Idiot! Can't you find one people? Keep searching! " Bess said angrily.

Justin spent most of the time looking for Myra. He was not in the mood to go to work! Although they had called the police, there was still no news from the police.

It was not until the police came to assist in the investigation that Josef knew that Myra was really missing.

"How is that possible? Did you make a mistake? How could she disappear for no reason? It's impossible. " When he just heard the police say that Myra was missing, he couldn't believe it.

"Mr. Josef! You'd better be more open-minded! Maybe your ex-wife is on vacation at some places! We are here to ask if your ex-wife, Myra, came to see you that day. Did she call or text you? " The policeman said.

"No. if you don't believe me, you can check it out. I was with my fiancee in the company that day." Said Josef.

"Well, can you tell us about your ex-wife's living habits in the past, as well as the places she often goes or places she wants to go. Then we can find her as soon as possible. " The policemen said.

After telling them everything about Myra, finally, Josef said, "If you find her, can you inform me?"

"Okay! Mr. Josef, thank you for your cooperation! We won't disturb you anymore! " The policemen said and left politely.

"Hey, Josef! What's wrong? " Yvonne asked after the police left.

"Myra is missing." After saying that, Josef fell into deep thought and stopped talking.

"No way! Did they make a mistake? Myra! How could she be missing? " Yvonne pretended to be surprised.

"No, there's no mistake. The police told me that! You can go back to your office first! I want to be alone! " Said Josef.

"Okay, Josef! Don't think too much. Myra will be fine. " Then Yvonne left.

Thinking of this, Josef hit his desk with his fist sadly. 'Myra, where the hell were you? Were you all right?'

He ignored his wound. He took out his phone and dialed Albert's number.

"Albert! Myra is missing! " Said Josef.

"What? How could it be? " Albert said in disbelie

ctly where to go at that time! Maybe she was still at home. I just asked her not to come back for the next few years. " Said Uncle Chen.

"What did you say? Didn't you hide Myra? Didn't she have any departure record when she went abroad? Or you asked someone to pick her up. " Josef still didn't believe it.

"How could you say that about me? After all, I dare to do and take the responsibility. I have told you that I went to see her. Why would I still hide it? Are you kidding me? " Uncle Chen said angrily.

"Uncle Chen! I didn't mean that. But she is missing now, and you went to see her. So I have to ask you. " Josef said in a softer tone.

"She is missing. How can I know where she is? Who am I to her? " Uncle Chen said angrily.

"Uncle Chen! Don't be too angry. I was too anxious just now to say that. " Josef apologized immediately.

"Josef! I can understand how worried you are now. But don't forget that your current fiancee is Yvonne. Don't always think about Myra, okay? What will Yvonne think? Don't forget that your company still needs to rely on her. What can I say about you? " Uncle Chen said impatiently.

"Uncle Chen! I'm sorry! In fact, I also didn't want to care about Myra's matters, but she disappeared by chance. I'm afraid I got her into trouble. It is ok that I know that she is safe now. I'm afraid that Uncle Wang and others will do something to her. " Josef calmed down and said.

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