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   Chapter 76 The Naughty Handsome Boy (Part Two)

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"All right. It's okay if you think so." The young man said with a smile.

"Then what's your name? Handsome boy?" Myra said in a good mood.

"You can call me handsome boy from now on. It sounds good. Of course you can call me Mr. with them. " The young man said with a snicker.

"What? There is really such a narcissistic person like you! " Myra said.

"I'll call you Rain from now on!" The young man looked at the rain outside and said thoughtfully.

"Why? Do you know my name? Or you can call me sister. I like the title of sister very much." Myra said confidently.

"I think Rain is better." The young man said with a smile. In his heart, he thought that this woman must be insane! How could he, the heir of the gang, call her sister? How brave she was!

"Call me sister! I can tell at a glance that you are under age. A child should learn to respect the elders. Call me sister." Myra said happily.

"Rain! Do you still want to hear? Rain! " The young man pretended not to hear what she said.

"What? Call me sister, not Rain. Do you think it's appropriate for you to call me 'Rain' at such a young age? I'm so embarrassed to hear that." Myra said discontentedly.

"I like to call you Rain!" The young man said cheekily.

"You naughty boy, have you been weaned? Why are you so disobedient?" Myra said sarcastically.

"Beauty Rain! I'm 18 years old, okay? Don't call me boy!" The young man said discontentedly.

"I like to call you like that! So what?" Myra said as the boy did just now.

"You! Bully me!" The boy said angrily.

"All right! Then call you handsome boy from now on! " Said Myra, thinking that he was so easy to be angry. He didn't even admit that he was a child.

"Miss. Are you used to it?" Anna came over and asked with concern.

"Thank you for your concern, Anna. These are all my favorite food." Myra said with a smile.

"Anna. You don't need to call her Miss anymore. She will be called Rain from now on. " The handsome boy said.

"Mr. Carl. Does she remember it?" Asked Anna.

"You don't have to ask so many questions. Just call her Rain. Am I right, Rain?" The handsome boy asked Myra again.

"Why do I feel you call me Rain casually just because it's raining today?" Myra said.

"You don't like to be called Rain?" The young man said with a smile.

"I don't mean that I don't like it. But... Forget it. Anna, you can call me Rain from now on." Myra thought for a while and said happily. "Okay, the name of Rain is also very pleasant to hear." Anna said with a smile and went to work.

iver David. And another one is Mr. Carl." Anna was afraid that Myra didn't understand, so she explained carefully.

"Do you mean the cold man last night and the handsome man this morning are the same person?" Myra asked, unwilling to give up.

"Yes. Same. Didn't Mr. Carl tell you? " Anna asked curiously.

"How could it be the same person? One is cold, and the other is handsome and lively. Are you kidding me, Anna?" Myra still couldn't accept the fact.

"Rain. I'm not kidding. I'm telling the truth. Everyone here knows it." Said Anna.

"Really?" Myra couldn't accept the fact that they were the same person.

"Rain! What are you thinking about? Enjoy your meal. Why are you so thin? Eat more!" Anna said with concern.

"Anna. You'll get fat if I eat more. I won't look good." Myra couldn't figure it out, so she stopped thinking and said to Anna in a spoiled tone.

"What a naughty girl! It would be better to put on some weight. Look at you. You don't have much weight. You only have bones left. Listen to Anna and eat more. " Said Anna.

"Okay. I know, Anna! " Myra replied. But in her mind, it seemed that this situation had happened before. It seemed that someone was also urging her to eat more. But as soon as it flashed by, she thought of nothing.

Looking at the stunned Rain, Anna didn't know what she was thinking. She remembered that Allen said last night that they couldn't force her to regain her memory. Was the girl thinking of something?

So she said worriedly, "Rain! Have your meal. Don't think too much. You can ask me if you want to know something, okay?"

"Anna. I got it! Thank you for your concern. I'm not a child anymore." Myra said with a smile.

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