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   Chapter 72 Myra Disappeared (Part Two)

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"How about this. Allen, take her to have a check-up later!" Carl said.

"Mr. Carl! Why me! Just ask someone to take her there." Allen muttered.

"Just go as I said! Cut the crap!" Carl said crossly.

"All right! I'll go now!" Allen said and went upstairs directly.

"Let's wait until she is full! Would you like to have dinner with me?" Said Carl.

When Anna brought the food to Myra, she was like a lovely child lying in bed and thinking about something.

"Miss! It's time for dinner." Said Anna.

"Thank you, Anna! Anna. Have you eaten yet? How about we having dinner together?" Myra said politely.

"Good girl! I've already had it. Enjoy yourself!" Anna said. She liked this girl very much. She seemed to be a lady from a wealthy family from the way she ate. It didn't seem like she was pretending!

"Miss! Do you remember your name? Where are you from?" Anna asked kindly.

"Anna! I was thinking about it just now, but why can't I remember. My head aches when I think about it. Isn't this my home?" Myra asked pitifully.

"Well... If you have a headache, don't think about it anymore. You'd better eat well!" Said Anna.

After Myra was full, Anna packed up and left after telling her to have a good rest.

"Mr. Carl. I don't think that girl is pretending. She looks pitiful." Said Anna.

"Anna! You are too kind. Nowadays, swindlers are all very smart. Don't be fooled by her appearance. If I had known that it was so troublesome to save her, I would not have saved her." Carl said with a regretful look.

Bess felt a little restless before getting off work, but she couldn't get away from work. So she rushed home as soon as she got off work.

Josef was drinking coffee in his office, but the coffee cup fell to pieces, not knowing if it was because his hand was slippery.

He felt a sharp pain in his heart, but it disappeared in a few seconds. 'What's wrong with me? Am I sick? It is time to see a doctor.'

"Mrs. Zhang! Where's Myra?" Bess asked Mrs. Zhang as soon as she got home.

"Miss. Bess! Miss Myra hasn't come back yet." Mrs. Zhang replied.

"What? You mean she hasn't come back since she left today?" Bess said in disbelief.

Didn't Myra promise to come back to accompany her before dinner? It was almost dinner time!

Why hadn't she come back yet? Was there anything wrong with her? Thinking of the restless time this afternoon, Bess anxiously called Myra.

But a woman said, "Sorry, the number you dialed cannot be connected for the time being." Where did Myra go? Why didn't she answer the phone?

"Mrs. Zhang! Did Myra tell you where to go when she went out today?" Bess asked.

"No! Miss Myra didn't say it." Mrs. Zhang began to worry.

She w


"Mr. Josef! Excuse me. I just want to know if Myra has come to see you today." Bess said politely.

"Myra! She hasn't come to see Josef today! We two have been staying in the company today. What's wrong with her?" Yvonne also came out and said.

"That's impossible. Where else can she go if she doesn't come to you, Josef?" Justin said incredulously.

"Mr. Josef. Did she call you or text you today?" Bess continued to ask.

"No. What happened to her? Didn't she live in your house?" Josef asked Bess anxiously.

"Myra. She was missing. She drove my car today and said that she went out for a walk, but she hasn't come back yet." Bess said with disappointment.

"Why bother talking to him? Josef! You'd better hand over Myra! I don't believe that Myra didn't come to see you. " Justin said excitedly.

"Justin! Let's go out and look for her!" With these words, Bess dragged Justin away.

"Why did you drag me out? What if Myra is at his home? " Justin asked in confusion.

"You idiot! Didn't you see the anxious look on Josef's face just now? And Yvonne also lived in Josef's house. How could Myra be there? Let's go out and look for her! Maybe Myra has gone home now." Bess then called home.

"Mrs. Zhang! Has Myra come back? " Bess asked. "Miss. Bess! Miss Myra hasn't come back yet. " Mrs. Zhang said.

"How's it going? Has she gone back? " Justin said expectantly.

"No. It's so late. Where is Myra? " Bess said worriedly.

"Bess! Don't be so worried. Maybe Myra just wants to be alone for a while. You'd better go back and have a rest! If we still can't get in touch with her tomorrow, let's call the police!" Justin comforted her.

"Did she really just want to stay alone? Will she come back tomorrow?" Said Bess. "Yes! Let me drive you home first!" Said Justin.

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