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   Chapter 70 Yvonne's Viciousness (Part Two)

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"Of course I want to forget it. But it is easier said than done. I found that I couldn't live without Myra. As soon as I got home, my memory about her was everywhere. I can't forget her at all." Said Josef sadly.

"Josef! There is one thing you may not know. This time, Yvonne is engaged to you not only to help you, but also because she really likes you. I hope you'd better forget that it's good for you to forget Myra and get along with Yvonne! She was a good woman, and she is no worse than Myra. You should cherish the one in front of you!" Said Albert.

"I know that Yvonne loves me, but so what? I love Myra, not her! She is just my good friend in my heart? There is only one person in my heart, and it's Myra." Said Josef.

When Yvonne heard Josef's words, she couldn't help but feel painful.

'Why? Are you really that capable, Myra? Why don't you let go of Josef after leaving? I hate you. You took everything from me. It's you. It's all your fault. If it weren't for you, how could Josef not see me?

How could he only treat me as his good friend?' Yvonne sadly walked back to her office with the documents to be signed by Josef.

"Josef! Can you not be so selfish anymore? You will hurt two women at the same time. You have said that you have no future with Myra, but you are still entangled with the past. Is it meaningful? Why are you so stubborn?" Albert continued.

"Albert! That's because you haven't loved someone. You don't know what love is! Love is something that will last for a lifetime, not just words. I know I'm stupid, but I can't let Myra go from my heart." Said Josef.

"Josef! Don't think of Myra all the time. As time goes, you will forget her. Look around and see what Yvonne has done for you, you will understand that there is someone worth your love in the world." Said Albert.

"I hope what you said can make me forget the pain." Said Josef.

When Yvonne returned to her office, she was so angry that she swept the documents on the desk away.

'Myra! Why are you always haunting me? I have been engaged to Josef. Why do you still stay in his heart? I, Yvonne, will get the man I want by all means. How can you compete with me?'

Yvonne came up with a vicious idea. If Myra were not in the world, what else could she compete with her? Thinking of this, Yvonne immediately called a man.

"You promised me before that you would help me if I met any dif

ey had discussed just now. If the car broke down, it would be easy to let Myra get off the car.

When Myra drove by, she saw the man fixing the car alone.

At first, Myra didn't want to care about it. The main reason was that she was leaving. But she still decided to see if she could help. It was better for people to be kind.

But Myra didn't know that she was in danger.

Myra drove to the man, rolled down the window and asked, "What's wrong with your car?"

"I don't know why my car wouldn't start, miss! If you are busy, you'd better leave now! I will fix it!" The man said gently.

Hearing what the man said, Myra felt embarrassed to leave like this.

It seemed that such a gentle person didn't look like a bad person! "Are you alone?" Asked Myra.

"I'm alone. I was busy just now, so I'm sorry to overtake your car just now! I don't know why the car can't start now." The man said gently and knocked the car around with the car repairs tools.

"You'd better call the repair shop! It seems that you can't fix it." Said Myra.

"Thank you for your kindness. I've called just now, but they can't come so soon. Go ahead with your work!" The man said with a gentle smile.

"Where were you so busy just now? How about I drive you a while?" Myra said.

But she also felt that it was not appropriate. 'What if he was a bad guy? Won't it be dangerous for me?' But on second thought, she thought that there were not so many bad people in the world. She must be thinking too much! He didn't look like a bad man!

"Don't bother. Go ahead with your business." The gentle man refused.

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