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   Chapter 67 You Are My Cutie (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-07-18 10:50

"Bess! I'm sorry! Your bed is dirty. " Myra almost finished vomiting.

"Silly girl! Are you all right? Are you still feeling bad? " Bess said with concern.

"I feel better now. I am not as uncomfortable as before. You can go back and have a rest! You don't have to accompany me. " Said Myra.

"Are you sure you are all right? Well. Let me help you to sleep in my room! How can you sleep in the stinky room? " Said Bess.

"No, thanks, Bess! You'd better go back first! I can sleep here. " Myra refused.

"Listen to me. Let me help you up! I can take care of you there. What if you vomit again in the middle of the night? " Said Bess.

"Forget it, Bess! I'll clean it up here. Don't bother to sleep there. I won't throw up again. There is nothing to vomit in my stomach. " Myron still refused to go to Bess's room, she thought that it would be terrible if she vomited again.

"I told you no, get up! Put on your clothes and we'll go there. Or I will stay here with you. " Said Bess.

"All right! I'll be there. But can I take a shower first? Look at my stinky body! " Myra said with a smile.

"Well, I see. How about going to my room to take a shower? It's really smelly here. " Bess said, pinching her nose.

"You can go first! I'll be there soon. " Said Myra.

"Do you need my help? Can you do it by yourself? " Bess was still worried.

"Bess! I'm sober now. You can go back to your room first! Of course you can wait for me here if you are not afraid of the stinky smell! " Said Myra.

"Well, hurry up! I'll go back first. " Then Bess went back to her room.

When she returned to her room, she couldn't help but feel happy at the thought that she could sleep with Myra.

By the way, Myra stomach was empty after vomiting. Thinking of this, Bess went downstairs and cooked some noodles for her!

'I should thank for Myra's drunkenness this time. So I had the chance to take care of her.

But just now, I saw that Myra vomited very hard. Alas! I wouldn't let her drink so much next time.

What if she get sick?' Bess hummed a s

ch a person? " Myra said with a smile.

"Don't talk too much. Just eat the noodles! You just vomited up. You need to eat something. " Bess said with concern.

"Okay, don't talk too much to me! You are still so young. Why do you learn to be verbose? " Myra teased.

Bess was speechless. "Bess! Are you angry? " She heard Bess didn't answer her, she thought she was angry.

"When did I get angry with you? My little ancestor! You'd better finish the noodles quickly! " Bess said speechlessly.

"Bess! You are so boring! I am a cutie! I has nothing to do with ancestors. " Myra said naughtily again.

"Well, you are so shameless! You even say you are a cutie. Have our cutie finished eating? " Said Bess.

"Yes, I am full. Bess! Are you going to feed me to a fat pig? Are you going to sell me in terms of weight? " Myra put down her chopsticks and said naughtily.

"Yes! You are so smart. But no matter how I feed you, you won't get fat! Don't know if I can get the money back? " Bess pretended to think.

"Bess! You are really bad. How could you do this? I don't love piggy anymore. " Myra said with grievance.

"Well, little cutie, you go upstairs first! I'll clean up the table. " Said Bess.

"Let me help you! Hee hee! " Myra said with a smile.

"You'd better sit on the sofa and wait for me! It is better if you don't make trouble. " Said Bess.

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