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   Chapter 65 Darling! I Am Leaving. (Part One)

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After dinner, Myra proposed, "Ask Justin out for two drinks tonight!"

Bess said with concern, "Okay! You want to go out! Do you feel bored because I don't have time to accompany you? "

"No. I'm not a child. I don't need your company all day long. I just want us to get together. We are all single. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend in the future, it will be hard for you to come out! "

In fact, what she didn't tell Bess was that she was leaving here in the next two days.

After all, this was a sad place. At least she didn't have the ability to bear it now. Maybe it was better to learn something outside.

She dared not to tell Bess and Justin now. She was really afraid that they would not allow her to go abroad.

She knew that they took good care of her and treated her well. But she really didn't want to live on them all the time.

Bess asked with concern when she saw Myra didn't say anything, "What are you thinking about? Why are you so obsessed? "

Tilting her head, Myra smiled mischievously, "Guess! Hee hee! "

"I don't want to guess. Forget it if you don't want to tell me. " Bess pretended to be uninterested and watched the TV.

"Bess! Bess! " Myra acted like a spoiled child, trying to draw Bess's attention.

Bess still focused on TV, "Yes! Yes! What's up? Have you decided to tell me? "

"Is it so interesting? Why don't you talk to me? "

Bess felt that Myra was really unhappy, so she turned around to coax her, "All right! My lady is angry again. But you are still so cute when you are angry. "

Although Myra was very happy in her heart, she still said discontentedly, "No one will be cute when she is angry. You are talking nonsense. "

Bess grinned, "All right! My lady! You can think that I'm talking nonsense. But my Myra is always such a lovely and kind-hearted good woman. "

"You just want to make me happy! How could you not have a boyfriend? I'm confused. Are you...? "

Bess immediately explained, "What? What are you thinking about? Did Justin mislead you? "

"I haven't finished yet. You think too much. Look! You are in such a hurry to explain. Aren't

him when you decide to get engaged to him. I hope you can be the wife of the CEO of the Jiang group this time. If you need any help, you can call me at any time. I will tell Josef and your parents that you will live in the Jiang family at your engagement ceremony tomorrow. " Uncle Chen had told her so.

At that time, she asked in disbelief, "Is it true?"

Uncle Chen said, "Of course. You'll know tomorrow."

Till now, she still felt that she had a dream. 'God had begun to bless me. Today was my engagement day. Tonight I was going to live in Josef's house. I was really happy'

She walked to her parents, hugged them and said sadly, "Dad! Mom! I don't want to leave you. "

Thomas and his wife also held their daughter in their arms. "Yvonne! We don't want to leave you either. "

Josef hurriedly said, "Father! Mom! I'll take her back to see you often. "

It seemed that he had to say that. Although he really didn't want to. 'If you really wanted to be with your daughter, why didn't you take her back? There was no need to act here.' But life was just a show. Wasn't it? How many people could say what they really wanted to say?

Thomas urged, "All right! Get in the car! It's late now. "

"Dad! Mom! We'll go back first! You should go back and have a good rest early! " Josef took Yvonne into his car.

Looking at the back of the car, Thomas and his wife thought, 'Yvonne! You must be happy!'

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