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   Chapter 54 Honey! I Hope You Will Be Happy (Part Two)

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With a sneer, she signed her name and took the check on the table. Then she went upstairs to get her identification and left without looking back. She didn't take any luggage with her and just left the former home with her phone.

"Sir! This... " Mrs. Liu wanted to say something. "Go inside and pack up. You can send it to her later!" After saying that, Josef left.

After leaving that house, Myra walked on the street alone, depressed. All of a sudden, it rained heavily. She kept walking as if she couldn't feel it.

It turned out that the road could be so long. Why was it so far to the end of the world? "Sir! Should I give Miss Myra an umbrella? She will fall ill in this way. " The driver said to Josef.

"She should learn to take good care of herself. I can't help her anymore. If she doesn't know to hide in the rain, how can she live in the future? She should learn to grow up. She have to learn to let it go. Let's go! " Josef ordered the driver to turn around and left.

It was not that he was really that cruel, but if he continued to stay, he really couldn't control himself to care about Myra. In that case, everything would be in vain. So he had no choice but to leave.

'Myra! You had to learn to grow up. I couldn't protect you all the time. We were from two different worlds, so our fates were doomed from the beginning.'

Myra didn't know how long it had rained and how far she had walked. She really didn't want to stop and just walked on for the rest of her life.

Her heart was dead, so she couldn't feel anything. She kept walking until her phone kept ringing. She still didn't stop to pay attention to these, maybe because she thought the phone was too noisy. She threw it out. She continued to walk her way.

Bess was really anxious when she called Myra several times, but she didn't answer. She drove directly from the company to Myra's home to look for her. It was Mrs. Liu who opened the door! "Is Myra here?" Bess said anxiously.

"Miss Myra! She has been out for a long time. " Mrs. Liu answered. "Do you know where she went? I called her, but she didn't answer. When will she come back? " Said Bess.

"I don't know where Miss Myra is either! She won't come back. She has divorced Mr. Josef this afternoon. " Said Mrs. Liu.

"What? She has divorced? " Bess said and drove away hurriedly. She kept calling Myra while driving, but the phone couldn't be connected. She was so worried.

'Myra, where on earth had

aid. "Myra! You wake up! " Justin and Bess said happily. "What's wrong with me? Where am I? " Asked Myra.

"This is the hospital! I sent you here because you had a fever. " Said Justin. "Thank you, Justin!" Myra said in a weak voice.

"Well, stop talking so much. Bess! Please help her change her clothes! I'm going to buy some food for her. " Justin said and left. "Myra! Let me help you change your clothes first! Just now, Justin said that you had a fever because of the rain. " Said Bess.

"Yes! Thank you! Bess! I can change it myself. " Said Myra.

"Come on! You are still so weak. How could you change your clothes yourself? " Bess didn't give Myra the chance to refuse and helped her change the clothes. "Thank you! Bess! Did you buy them? They fit me well. " Myra said gratefully.

"You're welcome." But what's wrong with you? How could you get a fever in the rain? You are not a child. Don't you know to hide in the rain? Do you want to play with the rain? " Bess couldn't bear to blame Myra anymore.

"Bess! I got divorced today. " Tears welled up in Myra's eyes again. Bess walked up to her and hugged her, "It's okay. Just divorced. We can find a better one in the future. What's the big deal? "

"Am I stupid? If I didn't come back, would I not get divorced? " Myra blamed herself.

"Silly girl! It's not your fault. Don't think too much. I'm always by your side. And Justin too. Handsome guys are everywhere. We don't care about that Josef. " Said Bess.

"But Bess! I still feel sad. " Myra cried sadly. "Just cry if you are sad! Don't cry for him anymore, okay? " Said Bess. "Okay!" Myra agreed with a sob.

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