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   Chapter 49 I Like To Spoil You (Part One)

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In a twinkling of an eye, it was evening. After dinner, Myra went back to her room. At this moment, her phone rang, she thought it was Bess. But when she took it up, she knew it was Josef.

"Honey! Why did it take you so long to answer the phone? " He asked with concern as usual. "Nothing. I was taking a shower just now." Myra answered.

"Oh, I forgot that it's already evening in France. I just had lunch. Have you finished your dinner? " Josef asked. "Yes, I have. I want to sleep after taking a shower. " Said Myra.

"Honey! Do you feel uncomfortable? You want to go to bed so early. " Josef asked curiously. "Nothing. I just feel a little bored and a little tired, so I want to sleep early. " Said Myra.

"Honey! It's all my fault. I didn't keep you company and made you bored. If you really feel uncomfortable, you should tell Betty! Do you know? Honey! " Josef said again.

"I know. I'll talk to her if anything happens. Don't blame yourself. It's all my fault that I can't help you with anything. " Said Myra.

"Honey! You are the best. I don't need your help. As long as my dear is happy, I will be happy. " Said Josef.

Hearing what he said, Myra felt bad. 'Which of his words was true? Which one was false? Which sentence should I believe?'

"What's wrong? Honey, do you want to sleep? I won't bother you anymore. " Hearing that Myra didn't say anything, Josef asked.

"Honey, I'm going to sleep with your voice. My husband's voice is very pleasant to hear. " Myra thought for a while and pretended to say so.

She didn't expect that she would lie to him without leaving any trace.

"Okay! Dear! Have a good sleep! Good night! " Said Josef. "Bye!" After saying that, Myra hung up the phone.

After talking with Myra, Josef called Betty. "Is Myra okay?" He asked.

"Sir! Take it easy. Nothing serious. We will take good care of her. " Betty replied.

"Ok! You should not only take good care of her, but also protect her, okay? And you can't let her come back to China now. " After saying that, Josef hung up the phone.

He could feel that Myra was distancing herself from him from what she said. 'Did

and the young driver in France know Kung Fu?' Myra was really surprised. She always thought that they were just two ordinary people.

It was really impossible for her to leave alone. No wonder that Josef was so relieved to leave her in France.

Myra didn't fall asleep after she woke up, although her eyes were closed. She was thinking about all the things that had happened these days.

She was immersed in her own world for a long time until the man in black called her again. "Miss Myra! Wake up! We have arrived. " The man in black said.

"We have arrived? Where have we arrived? " Asked Myra confusedly.

"China! You can get off the plane now. " The man in black said jokingly.

'Miss Myra must have fainted on the plane! She had asked a lot before arriving, but she was confused when I told her that we have arrived. She was so cute!' The man in black thought, but said again.

"Are you saying that we have arrived in China?" Myra said happily.

When she got off the plane, she was really excited. She really came back. "Myra!" Bess ran over and hugged her.

"Bess! Why are you here? " Myra said happily.

"Of course I'm here to pick you up! Don't you see it's midnight now? Do you want to walk back? " Bess said with a smile. "Bess! You are so kind. " Said Myra, moved.

"Look at you. It's good that you are fine. I'll talk to them. Wait for me here! " Bess said and walked to the men in black.

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