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   Chapter 48 Darling! I Love You So Much (Part Two)

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"Of course! What's wrong with you? You can also surf the Internet abroad, can't you? " Bess asked doubtfully.

"Yes. But the network was cut off. Please help me check it first! " Said Myra.

"Okay, one minute." As Bess spoke, she had already entered Josef's name into the computer.

Myra quietly waited for her answer. She suddenly felt that one minute was so long!

Bess was shocked by the news on the Internet. She had been very busy these two days, so she didn't pay attention to the news.

"Myra! Are you sure your husband's name is Josef? " She asked cautiously.

"Yes! He is the CEO of the Jiang Group in the city. " Although Myra said so, she had got the answer in her heart.

"Myra! I don't know if I should tell you this. I just saw a video report about Josef of the Jiang Group. Maybe the news on the Internet is not completely true! " Said Bess.

"Is it the news that he is going to be engaged?" Myra said with a bitter smile.

"Maybe your husband has his own difficulties. Don't think too much. Let me check for you first. " Bess said with concern. "Bess, please do me a favor! I want to go back to China. I want to ask him what's going on. " Said Myra.

"Are you sure you want to come back? Maybe it was a misunderstanding. How about I help you find out the truth first? " Bess said again.

She was afraid that Myra couldn't accept such a fact. When she saw the report, she knew it was true.

This was how the life of a rich family was like. A second ago, it was heaven, and a second later, it was hell. But it happened to Myra in coincidence.

She also knew that Myra was an innocent girl and couldn't handle such a thing. She was happy that Josef didn't cherish Myra. But she didn't want Myra to be hurt.

"Bess! Please help me! Now only you can help me. I can only trust you now. " Myra cried.

"Myra! Don't be too sad. I will definitely help you. You are the friend I care most. " Said Bess.

"Thank you! Bess! Thank you so much! " Myra cried and thanked her.

"Silly girl! What are you thanking me for? Do you want to come back now or wait for me to pick you up in France? " Said Bess.

"I really want to go back now. But I'm afraid I can't get out of the door because I'm watched! " Said Myra.

"Myra Don't be afraid! I also have friends in France. If you really want to come back now, I can ask them to send you back. " Said Bess.

"Bess! Is that really good? I don't think it's a good idea to bother your friends! Just send me to the airport.

had feelings for each other. There was a chance.'

Myra really wanted to lie to herself again. She didn't know how she would live without him.

She didn't know if she still had the courage to live. She loved him so much. Could she accept the days when she lost him?

She knew that at least she couldn't accept it now. What was the meaning of her life without him? She didn't want to live a life without him. Even if she went to beg him.

She didn't care what mistake he had made, she would mind as long as he was willing to change.

Because she loved him so much, so humble. He couldn't leave her like this. He was not pretending. He still loved her. Myra hid in the bathroom and thought with tears.

"My lady! Are you all right? I haven't found the passport yet. Could it be that Mr. Josef got yours by mistake when he went back a few days ago? " Betty knocked on the door and said.

"Nothing! It doesn't matter now. I don't need it now. I just thought I lost it. You can leave now! " Said Myra.

"Okay! Call me if you need anything! " Betty replied and left.

"What's wrong? Does she find it? " The driver asked Betty.

"I don't think so! Maybe she happened to find that her passport was missing, she didn't suspect anything! I just told her that Mr. Josef might have taken hers back by mistake. She said it was ok. We'd better not tell Mr. Josef! " Said Betty.

"All right! But we have to pay more attention to it in the future! Why do I always feel that she knows something? Maybe I think too much! " Said the driver.

"You must be thinking too much. There is no network here now. How could she know that? You are too free. " Said Betty.

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