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   Chapter 30 Myra Was Threatened

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Looking at Mrs. Liu's receding figure, Myra thought, 'The old lady always was so diligent. I was afraid that she would be tired and wanted her to have a rest, but she refused.

I wondered if I would be like this when I reached this age.'

She decided to watch TV! She wouldn't know it until later. It was useless to think about it now.

Looking at the phone she just took, she almost forgot that it was powered off last night. She hadn't turned on her phone yet.

She turned on her phone, thinking that no one should have called her. While thinking, there were several messages.

All the messages were from Justin. Alas! He was really annoying.

The content of the messages were all apology, and of course, the first message was about what he said when he was drunk the night before yesterday.

'Justin, what's wrong with you? You could apologize! Why did you say that you liked me?

Did you think I was a fool? How could I believe you?' Myra thought with cold sweat on her forehead.

At this time, her phone rang. It was Bess.

"Myra, what are you busy with? Did you just get up? Why is your phone powered off? " Said Bess.

"I just had breakfast and am watching TV. what about you? I forgot to charge my phone when it ran out of power last night. " Myra answered.

"I really envy you for being so lucky. I got up at seven o'clock in the morning. I've been busy all morning. I'm so tired! " Bess sighed. "So early! Are you still jet lagged? Don't you have two more days off? " Myra asked with concern.

"I wish. But I have no choice. There is no one to help me in the company. I should do all the things by myself, and I'm not familiar with the domestic market. How dare I take a few days off? I am afraid I don't know what is going on even the company is gone. " Said Bess.

"Bess, you run your own company! I envy you. You are the boss. When can I have such a fate? I will be very happy even thinking

esult, she had to hang up the phone and went back to her room.

It was really annoying. Justin was seriously ill. Myra was about to throw the phone away.

But her phone kept ringing. Thinking for a while, she picked it up. She wanted to know what Justin could say.

"Justin, if you are sick, you can go to the hospital. Don't call me again and again." Myra was so angry that she cursed.

"I'm downstairs. Are you coming down? Or should I go inside? " Said Justin.

"You!" Myra was too angry to say anything.

"I'll wait for you downstairs for ten minutes. If you haven't come down yet, I'll go to see you." Justin said and hung up the phone.

Looking at the phone, Myra was speechless. 'What happened? Wasn't I the victim? I didn't go to his house to make trouble.

How dared he come to my house and make trouble?' Thinking of this, she felt dizzy. How could she meet such a thing?

She really wanted to call the police to take the lunatic downstairs away. But she didn't want Josef to know about it.

She decided to go downstairs to see what Justin wanted to say. She changed her clothes and went downstairs.

"Miss Myra, are you going out? Do you need a driver? " Mrs. Liu asked.

"No, thanks. I just want to take a walk alone." After saying that, Myra left.

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