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   Chapter 26 Josef's Purpose

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Myra became more irritable after she turned off her phone. She thought, 'Was Justin done?

I was not in the mood to watch a good movie now. Forget it. I'd better sleep first. I would be fine after waking up.'

Josef was driving home. At this time, his phone rang.

At first, he thought it was from Myra. Myra didn't have dinner at home tonight.

But when he answered the phone, it was Yvonne's voice. "Josef, where are you?" Yvonne seemed to be drunk.

"What's wrong? Yvonne! " Josef asked.

He wondered why Yvonne called him at this late hour. She must have something. Otherwise, she wouldn't have acted like this!

"Josef, I'm sorry! Did I bother you? I'm really sorry. " Yvonne said hurriedly.

"Oh, no! I am driving home now. " Said Josef.

"Well! Can you come and drink with me? I'm not in a good mood today. " Yvonne pleaded.

If it was in normal times, Josef would refuse her.

But he would need Yvonne's help on the matter which he discussed with his friends about Myra tonight.

So he thought it was also a chance. It would be good he could get it done first.

Josef was not just saying, but putting it into action immediately.

"Well! Ok. I was looking for someone to drink. Send me the address! " Said Josef.

Josef's love now could only be used for Myra, and the rest could be used for him.

It was true that Yvonne was his confidante, but after all, she was not his wife.

Therefore, it was inevitable for him to take advantage of her. Perhaps there was no such thing as a female confidant in the world.

Or maybe it was just the selfishness in his heart. He was a business man. He would throw it away if it was useless, except for the one he loved.

Yvonne happily sent the address to Josef. She really didn't expect that it would be so smooth to ask him out.

She also knew that maybe Josef came with a purpose, but no matter what, this was what she expected. Sometimes it was so silly to love someone, and she could tolerate so many things that hurt herself.

Yvonne didn't care what Josef's purpose was. As long as she could be with him and have a future, she would fight for it.

Josef looked at the address sent by Yvonne. 'Yvonne, don't blame me for using you.

It's true that Myra was very important in my heart. I didn't want her to suffer any grievance, so I hoped you can help me.'

Soon, Josef drove to where Yvonne was. When he entered the private room, Yvonne was drinking and singing.

"Hi, Josef!" Yvonne put down the microphone and poured a glass of wine for Josef.

"Yes! Why did you drink so much alone? " Josef asked with concern.

"Nothing! I was in a bad mood, so I came here alone to have a good time. But I didn't expect that I would be so lonely to play alone. So I'm really sorry to call you just now. Will Myra blame me? I ask you out for a drink at this late hour. " Yvonne said while drinking.

"Myra is not that mean. What's the matter? Tell me! You are my confidant. Let me share some of your burden, okay? " Josef pretended to care about her.

"You reall

y can't share the burden. In fact, it is not a big deal. You've already shared a great burden that you can come to drink with me. " Yvonne said.

"Yvonne! Don't bear everything. It's too tired. Or you don't trust me? " Said Josef.

"You didn't share the things on your mind with me, did you? Look at you, you've been wearing a long face all day long! Aren't you going to tell me? " Yvonne turned to Josef and asked.

Josef just drank without answering. "Josef, what's wrong with you?" Yvonne asked again.

"I'm fine. Didn't you ask me to drink with you? Let's not talk about business today. Have a good drink. Let's get hammered! " Said Josef, trying to avoid the key point.

Don't know what tricks Josef was playing in his heart.

"Josef, are you sure? I'm your confidant. Why don't you tell me? One more person means one more way. " Said Yvonne.

The more Josef didn't want to tell her, the more she wanted to know.

'Josef had been worrying about this all day long. It seemed that it was not an ordinary thing. It would be a big deal to bother him. Was it Myra? But didn't the matter of Myra have been solved?' Yvonne couldn't figure it out.

"Well, my confidante! Let's have a good drink! Don't think too much, okay? Let them all go to hell! " Said Josef.

"Okay, let's have a good drink." Yvonne answered happily.

She knew that she couldn't ask anything about Josef now. She would try to ask him later!

It never occurred to Yvonne that Josef didn't say it on purpose. He was waiting for her to ask.

The cunning fox in the business world was really horrible. Yvonne had to learn more.

The two of them began to get drunk after less than half an hour. There were many bottles on the table.

They didn't remember how many bottles they had drunk. Josef had vomited, but he knew that he hadn't finished what he wanted to do tonight.

Yvonne was really good at drinking. If Josef continued to drink it, he wouldn't be able to do anything. Josef thought for a while and decided to pretend to be drunk first!

When Yvonne saw Josef stumble out of the bathroom, she asked with concern, "Are you okay? Did you vomit? How about we stop drinking? I'd better send you back first. "

"I can still drink. I'm not drunk. Let's continue drinking, Yvonne! " With these words, Josef took another glass of wine to drink.

"Hey, don't do that. Drinking in this way is very harmful, and drinking can't solve the problem. Why don't you tell me first to see if I can help you? " Yvonne said with concern.

She really didn't want to see Josef make things difficult for himself like this. She wanted to help him, really wanted to help him. His business was also her business.

"Yvonne, you really can't help me with this." Josef took another sip of wine and said.

"You haven't told me what happened. How do you know that I can't help you? " Said Yvonne.

"Stop asking, Yvonne. Let's drink! I'm already very happy that you can drink with me tonight. Thank you! Yvonne! My confidante. " After saying that, Josef began to fall.

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