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   Chapter 23 Why Don't You Try

Hello, My CEO Ex-husband By Sisi Qingwang Characters: 6228

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"I can't think of other good ideas." Simon answered. "Simon, come on. It's also our business, isn't it? " Said Patrick.

"Do you know any good idea? Anyway, I don't know. " Simon said sulkily.

"Am I wrong? I'm not God. How can I know everything?"

"Well, Patrick! Simon is right. It's all my fault. I should figure out how to deal with it! " Said Josef. "Boss, this is not an ordinary thing. You have to think it over. " Said Ellen.

"Of course! Those old men are cunning. How can you muddle through so easily? Boss, you are in big trouble. " Simon said with a headache.

"What else can we do now? Let's help boss get through this! " Said Patrick.

"In fact, I have an idea. I don't know if it's feasible or not. I want a fake divorce with Myra. " Josef said after thinking for a while.

"Fake divorce? Is it possible? What do you think? " Ellen asked Simon and Patrick.

"Just a fake divorce? I'm afraid it won't be that easy! " Patrick commented.

"Fake divorce won't deceive those old men. Boss, you need to think about it." Said Simon.

"If I fake divorce with Myra, I'll get engaged to another woman. Is that possible? " Josef continued.

"What do you mean? You want to ask for help from Yvonne, right? I don't think you can find a better one. But will she agree? And does Myra know that you will fake divorce with her? " Said Ellen.

"I don't want Myra to get involved in these things. I can solve them myself." Said Josef.

"Don't want her to get involved. How long can you protect her? If she is your lover, she has to accept many things that ordinary people can't accept. You should let her know more about you, not only for your own good, but also for hers. How can you not let her know about your fake divorce? And how do you want to fake a divorce? Tell me what you think first! " Said Ellen.

"I just want her to sign the divorce agreement when she doesn't know about it, and then we can apply for a marriage license later. In this way, she won't have any thoughts when she knows it. After signing the fake divorce, I want to send her abroad for a few months. Then she won't know the news of my fake engagement at home. I will take her back when things are over. Isn't it a win-win solution? But I really need your help. " Josef gave a general idea.

"What you are thinking is a good thing! But is it really that easy to deal with? I am afraid the fake divorce will become a real one. As your friend, I think you should discuss this matter with Myra. And the fake engagement is more troublesome. Why should Yvonne help you? It's true that she is your confidant, but engagement is not a small matter. I advise you to think it over! " Said Ellen.

"I have my own way to get engaged to Yvonne, but it's not easy to get a fake divorce with Myra. I wonder if she will forgive me if she knows it in the future. " Josef said worriedly.

Simon and Ellen were both in a cold sweat.

Only Patrick said, "This is a problem! I've heard that it's better not to lie to a woman. She would hate you. I think you'd better tell Myra the truth now! "

"But Patrick, how should I te

ll her now? I also have a headache. It is better not to tell her. In case anything goes wrong again. " As soon as Josef mentioned the question of Myra, he became very upset.

"Alas! What should we say about you? You should get a fake divorce first. " Said Simon.

"So you won't object to my being with Myra anymore, will you?" Josef said with satisfaction.

"Is it useful to object? But we still have to congratulate you for finding your true love! " After saying that, Simon stood up and proposed a toast to Josef with Ellen and Patrick.

"Congratulations, Josef. You're not single now. What is love like? Can you tell us single men? " Said Ellen jokingly.

"Very happy! You can experience it yourself if you want to know. Don't laugh at me. You will know what it is in the future. " Josef answered with a smile.

"Come on! Can't you tell us a little about it? How do you two think? " Patrick said unhappily.

"You playboy, what do you want to know? I'm not blaming you! You should really choose a normal girlfriend and only love her. Don't always think about playing!" Josef said that like he was talking to his brother.

"Boss, you have changed. You become chatty. I can't stand it! " Patrick said exaggeratedly.

Hearing this, Josef just smiled happily. "Let's drink! Don't forget! We must get hammered. " Said Ellen.

Myra, Bess and Justin also drank a lot of red wine.

"Bess! I really hate you for leaving without telling me. Because you didn't take me as your friend. How could you leave without telling me? "

"Myra, I know it's my fault. I was forced to leave. I hope you can understand something. I am here to apologize today. I hope we can still be friends. " Bess said sincerely.

"Forget it. We are friends. Don't take it too seriously. Since you had no choice but to leave, what can I do? It have been so many years. What can I do? I'd better forgive you! Next time, no matter what the reason is, you should let me know, okay? " Said Myra.

In fact, she was happy to see Bess again and hear her apology that she left without saying goodbye.

She was not a child anymore. She was an adult. She also knew something. Sometimes friends needed to understand each other.

"Thank you! Myra! It's the happiest thing for me to have a friend like you. " Bess said happily.

"Women are really strange animals. Let's continue drinking! Congratulations to you two! " Justin said and cheered himself up.

"Ignore him. Let's talk about us. Myra, you're married. I envy you so much. I'm still single. " Said Bess.

"Why should you envy me? Don't you see that there happens to be a single man here? Why don't you give it a try? " Myra was a little drunk and joked.

"He! Forget it! He has someone he likes. " Bess said with a smile.

"Why are you talking about me? I've already had someone in my heart. Don't try to get close to me. " Justin smiled bitterly and drank another glass.

"Oh my God! Where is your sweetheart? Why don't you bring her to me? Why are you so mysterious? " Said Myra.

"I don't tell you. I won't bring her to you. " Justin said with a smile.

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