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   Chapter 6 Josef Went Crazy

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"Myra, Myra, wake up!" Seeing that Myra's phone kept ringing. Justin decided to wake up her.

"Shut up! Don't bother me! " Myra said in a daze.

Seeing her being like this, Justin didn't say anything more. After all, it's none of his business. Thinking of this, he continued to drive forward.

After being hung up, Josef kept calling Myra.

Didn't know if Myra was really awakened or what. In a bad mood, she turned off her phone and continued her beautiful dream.

Justin said, "I don't think it's a good idea! It's just a call. Why did you turn off your phone? Are you awake or pretending to be asleep? You are not a kid. "

"I don't want to answer it, okay? Who says that I have to answer any phone? " Said Myra.

"I mean. You are married. How can you still act like a child? Let alone you are a couple. Can't you sit down and discuss it? " Justin said helplessly.

"Ha ha! I do take him as my husband, but he may not take me as his wife. You don't understand. " Myra said with a bitter smile.

When Josef dialed Myra's number again, he heard someone say on the artificial platform, "I'm sorry! The number you dialed is powered off. "

He was so angry that he threw his phone out.

"Our boss had sacrificed his phone. Alas! Humans are too dangerous. They often throw me down. Even if I have nine lives, I can't afford to be played like this! My fellas, please go back to the Mars early! " The phone man said with regret.

It turned out that this handsome man also had such a hot temper! Unfortunately, Myra didn't see the wonderful performance with her own eyes.

"Myra, if you have the ability, you should never come back. Let's see how I will punish you in the future. Don't cry at that time! " Josef said madly.

Mrs. Liu heard Josef yelling in the room, afraid of being affected. So she went to the living room.

"Myra, here we are..." Said Justin.

He had a lot to say to Myra. But now... He decided not to tell her this time.

"Oh, so soon!" Myra still didn't want to get out of the car.

"Myra! Aren't you going home now? You turned off the phone just now. Your husband must be very worried about you now. " Said Justin.

"All right! Thank you! Justin! " Myra said sincerely.

"You are being polite to me again." Justin said with a smile.

"Then you go back and drive carefully. Call me if anything happens!" Myra seemed to be in a good mood and said with a smile.

"Got it. Keep in touch! Bye! " Said Justin. "Bye!" After saying that, Myra walked into her house.

Seeing that Myra slowly walked into the house, Justin also quickly drove away.

Standing by the window of the bedroom just now, Josef could see it clearly.

'Myra! Myra! I really underestimated you. You have always been like this, right? " Josef thought with disappointment.

Myra opened the door with the key and went straight in, but she saw that the light in the living room was still on. It turned out that Mrs. Liu was there.

Myra was not a talkative person. Besides, she had drunk too much tonight and felt a little dizzy. She just wanted to go to her room to freshen up and have a rest.

"Miss Myra... Mr. Josef seemed to have drunk too much and lost his temper again. Go upstairs and have a good talk with him! " Mrs. Liu wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"Well, it's okay. Go to bed first! I'll talk to him. " Said Myra.

"Oh, do you nee

d anything to sober up?" Mrs. Liu said when she smelled the strong alcohol from Myra.

"Give me some water!" Said Myra. Mrs. Liu went back to her room after fetching some water for Myra.

When Myra opened the bedroom, she saw that the ground was full of garbage.

Josef was standing outside the window and smoking, except for the mobile phone parts, all the things on the bedside table were swept to the ground.

Looking at these, Myra felt more headache. It seemed that Mrs. Liu was right. This time, Josef was really drunk. It turned out that he had the habit of smashing things when he was drunk. 'It's true that people could see each other's heart as time went by,' thought Myra.

She was really tired, so she didn't care about it anymore.

He could do whatever he liked! After Myra put the water away, she was going to look for her pajamas.

"Who is he?" Said Josef coldly.

Although Myra heard it, she really didn't want to answer him, a drunkard. So she continued to look for pajamas.

"I'm asking you. Why don't you answer me? Are you feeling guilty? " Not knowing when, Josef had already walked in front of Myra and said.

"Go away! You stopped me from looking for my pajamas. " Myra was not in a good mood and said drunkenly.

"What did you just say? Tell me to go away? What do you mean? I'm talking to you. Why do you ask me to get out of here? " Josef held Myra's hand and said angrily.

"I have nothing to talk with the drunkard. Just do what you should do. Don't be mad in front of me. " Myra was really hurt by Josef, so she said with anger.

"I'm drunk? Can you confuse right and wrong more? " Josef said with a bitter smile.

Myra looked at the painful hand that was grabbed by Josef, he still didn't want to let it go. Myra frowned in pain. But she didn't want to beg Josef for mercy.

At this time, she regretted marrying such a man. 'I was really suffering.'

"Myra, say something! Are you still thinking about another man in front of me? Was it the man just now? Is he better than me? Can he satisfy you better than me? " Josef said madly.

He grabbed Myra more tightly. Not to mention that he was a man, so he had a lot of strength, but he also practiced martial arts.

Even an ordinary man would cry out of pain if he was grabbed by Josef like this, let alone a weak woman like Myra.

"Let go of me, let go of my hand! It hurts! " Myra cried out in pain.

"Hurt? The pain was nothing? You hurt my heart. " Josef said with a bitter smile.

He still didn't let go of her hand, but he didn't hold it so tightly.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Myra's hand hurt so much that she didn't care about what she said.

"What's wrong with me? Do you know what is insane? " Josef said with more strength.

"You... It hurts. I hate you to death. " Myra said painfully.

"Do you hate me? Why did you say that you would love me till the end of your life? It is only a few days! You have changed so fast! Did you fall in love with the man just now? Tell me! " Said Josef, shaking Myra's hands crazily.

"You are crazy, really crazy." Said Myra, who was almost fainted because of the pain.

"Mr. Josef, Miss Myra, what's wrong with you?" Mrs. Liu said in time.

"Mrs. Liu, you should go to bed early! We young people will deal with our own affairs. " As he spoke, Josef shook off Myra's hands.

At the same time, Myra fell backwards.

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