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   Chapter 1 You Bastard!

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"Josef, see it yourself. I would never wrong Myra." Yvonne Ye quickly opened the surveillance video in his study.

Even Josef Jiang's two close friends stared at the screen in curiosity, wondering if what she had said was true.

Staring at their faces, Myra Ming had no idea what happened. 'What's happening?

Why are they staring at me like that? Like I've done something so shameful! What the hell was Yvonne talking about?' Myra Ming thought sadly.

"Josef!" she called out her husband lowly.

"Shut up!" he snapped, not even bothering to look at her. Myra Ming bowed her head grievously.

"Josef, what's wrong with you? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? Why do you have to yell at me?" she snapped, having enough of his indifference.

Just now, she had been shopping happily with her friend outside. The next thing she knew, Josef Jiang called and urged her to come home immediately. When she was back, she was met with curious and cautious looks from his group of friends.

'What the hell happened? When I married him, he had never said anything harsh to me. Never! What's going on? Why did he have to yell at me in front of these people?' Thinking of this, Myra Ming's eyes welled up with unshed tears.

Although she was usually obedient and submissive when it came to her husband, she couldn't take this mistreatment anymore.

"Bastard! Why the hell are you yelling at me? Why are you treating me like this? What did I do? What the hell did I do to deserve this?" she demanded.

Josef Jiang's two friends gazed at her in surprise.

She had always been gentle whenever they came to visit. In fact, from the time they had known her, she never did anything unreasonable. Josef Jiang's handsome face darkened at the sound of her yelling at him. Yvonne Ye stared at Myra Ming with a smug smile, as if everything was falling into her plan.

'What? Are they all dumb?' Myra Ming thought.

However, she didn't have the guts to say it right to their faces. After all, they were visitors. Moreover, the look on Josef Jiang's face had darkened further. Seeing this, she quickly closed her mouth. It seemed that she needed to stand this a little while longer.

'Fine, since you all like to waste my time, then be it. Let's wait and see,' she thought bitterly.

Thinking of this, Myra Ming grabbed a drink from the fridge and found a good seat. However, when she returned, the atmosphere in the study became even more serious.

As soon as she walked in, she automatically regretted ever coming back at all.

'What's wrong with them?' While Myra Ming was buried deep in her thoughts, Josef Jiang snapped,

"Well, my dear wife, weren't you so agitated a while ago? Why don't you speak up now?"

Hearing his words, Myra felt Ming cold all over.

Although he said it with a smile on his face, the warmth didn't reach his eyes. He stared at her calculatingly as if he was waiting for her reaction. She had never seen him like this before. It was as if she didn't even know him.

"Do you have anything to tell me?" he asked coldly.

"Tell you what?" She furrowed her eyebrows.

'Something's wrong.' Josef Jiang talked as if he was waiting for her to confess and beg for a lenient punishment. The way his two friends were looking at her now also looked as if they were gazing at a thief. Their hardened gaze made her shift uncomfortably.

Her usual carefree character was reduced, and she was overwhelmed with a feeling of anxiety.

'Is it just like the movies?' It couldn't be! She wasn't going to allow herself to be belittled like that! Definitely not! There was always a mistress involved in those types of movies, and the original wife would usually be belittled. She'd be bullied.

Seeing Josef's face, it wouldn't be unusual for him to get a mistress himself. In fact, even if he wasn't looking, there were hundreds of women willing to throw themselves at him.

'Why didn't I think of any of this when I got married? The movies I watched all have a good ending, right? I shouldn't think of this,'

she thought, trying her best to calm herself. Whatever happened will happen either way. The most important thing she had now was Josef's trust.

Myra hoped that he loved her enough to trust her.

"Well? You really have nothing to say? Why don't we watch this video then?" Josef turned his head towards the screen.

Staring at the cold expression marring his face, Myra could feel her heart being twisted right in front of her. She had always heard how ruthless the man in front of her could be, but she never witnessed it till now.

Myra trained her eyes onto the surveillance video. It was shot at eight o'clock in the eve

ning two days ago.

The door to the study opened slowly and bright light streamed through the dark room. Myra entered the room with a phone in her hand. Without missing a beat, she walked behind Josef's desk and rummaged the table for several minutes.

At last, her hand grazed over the locked drawer. She quickly unlocked the drawer and took its contents. After cleaning up the study, she left the room with the documents in her hand. The screen blacked out.

"Well? What's your explanation?" Josef asked coldly.

"Explanation?" Myra found absolutely nothing wrong with the video. 'Didn't you call Yvonne to ask me to bring those documents to you?' she thought, but as she pieced in his cold gaze and Yvonne's smug look, she knew it wasn't as simple as it looked.

He wouldn't have asked her what was going on if he had been the one who asked her to take the documents. Myra shivered.

She was actually planning to ask him about that last night, but he had been so drunk when he returned. Plus, in the past two days, he seldom went home. In fact, he even buried himself under office work, so she never really had the chance to talk to him. Myra pursed her lips.

"I don't know what happened," she murmured anxiously.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Josef snorted, clapping his hands mockingly. He motioned to her in front of his friends. "It seems that my wife is incredible at acting. Honey, you might as well hunt for job prospects in the entertainment industry. It seemed that you've fooled all of us with your act!"

he snapped, not having it anymore. Myra furrowed her eyebrows as his ruthless words pierced through her every being. "Don't say that, Josef.

Maybe it was all a mistake on her part. After all, you're a couple. The most important thing here is that she admits and corrects it, right? Everyone acts foolishly once in a while. Besides, this doesn't incur a large loss for the company, so it's easily remedied. Myra, apologize to him already. Next time, we're here if you've encountered any difficulties, okay? I don't even know why you would do such a thing." Yvonne sighed exasperatedly, rubbing her creased forehead. She looked like a mother frustrated over her child.

Staring at her, Myra wondered if she was still the woman she had talked to the other night.

'The reason I took the documents was because Yvonne told me to. She even said how much Josef needed it in the office.

Why didn't she explain it to him? She even wanted me to admit that I took it!

What the hell is she up to?' The more she thought about it, the more confused Myra became.

Although they weren't close, they never had any bad blood between them, so why would Yvonne do something like that? Myra furrowed her eyebrows.

In fact, it was a little strange that Josef didn't call her up to tell her himself. "What the hell do you mean?"

Myra demanded. "Yvonne, stay out of it! None of this is any of your business!"

It was obvious that the woman was lying. However, this was all part of Yvonne's plan. She knew for a fact that Myra wouldn't admit to anything. She was as stubborn as a rock.

That would deepen Josef's impression of her. His face darkened.

"You have no right to yell at her like that! Yvonne decided to defend you, and you decided to do this? You even want to blame her? How could you even show yourself? Do you even have any self-respect?" He scowled.

"Oh, now I'm the one who doesn't have any self-respect? You're the one who prefers to listen to someone else's chatter rather than your own wife's explanation! Don't act so high and mighty." A bitter smile wove its way into Myra's lips.

"Explanation? What the hell are you going to explain? Isn't the video good enough to prove? Do you think it's easy for Yvonne to defend you? And you can't even bring yourself to thank her!" Josef gritted his teeth and slammed his fist onto the table. The nerve of this woman!

"You disappoint me. I didn't expect that there would be a thief in my house. What kind of woman are you?" Josef snapped before turning to his other friends. He rubbed his hand over his forehead.

Although his eyes were cold, one could see traces of exhaustion in his gaze. "It's best if you go home. I'll handle this," Josef said to his friends.

Yvonne bowed her head. "I hope that you could sort this out. I'll go back first," she murmured softly.

To those who had no idea what really happened, they would think that Yvonne was on Myra's side. In fact, they would even praise her for her kind heart and patient soul.

But Myra knew exactly what was going on. 'It seems that I'm really no match for Yvonne.' Soon enough, the three left, leaving the couple alone.

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