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   Chapter 118 Trapped In The Elevator!

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Somehow, when he heard Joy calmly discuss the matter of Beth with him, Steve felt very disappointed.

"Her... Her injury is much better and she can be discharged in two days."

After thinking for a while, Steve answered.

"Oh," said Joy. She nodded and looked inadvertently at the in-patient Building on the seven floor where Sean was. She happened to see a slender figure standing by the window on the seven floor.

'Sean woke up!'

Joy was ecstatic and worried about Sean's health.

'He just woke up. Why did he get out of bed himself? Where is Jimmy?'

Steve had been looking at Joy all the time. When he found that Joy was looking in a certain direction with a smile on her face for no reason, Steve frowned slightly and looked in the direction of Joy's sight.

When he looked in the direction of Joy's sight and saw the man standing by the window, Steve held the tulip tighter.

'Is she happy because of a man?'

The sudden realization made Steve feel a little uncomfortable. He didn't want to see Joy smile so happily because of another man.

The floor was very high, so Steve didn't see clearly Sean and didn't know that the man who made Joy so excited was her brother.

Steve withdrew his sight to look at the white and tender side face of Joy. The smile on her face was replaced by worry. Steve frowned and kept looking at Joy until Joy looked at him apologetically.

"Steve, I have something to do. I think I have to go now."

After saying that, Joy turned around and was about to leave without waiting for Steve to say anything. But after she took two steps, her wrist, which was hanging on the suit, was suddenly grabbed from behind.

"Steve, is there anything else?"

Joy turned to look at Steve in confusion.

In a super VIP room on the seven floor.

Sean, in a big white hospital gown, leaned weakly against the wall with sweat felling down his forehea

sly. All of a sudden, he slammed one hand against the elevator door, and his clenched fist hit the metal elevator with a strong wind.

"Bang!" sounded, a gasp came from behind.

When an egg touched a stone, it was obvious who won or lost, but Jimmy turned the result. His arm was like a stone to the iron gate, but at this moment, Jimmy's fist was not damaged, and the elevator door was slightly sunken by the force.

'His hands were made of steel, weren't they?'

The crowd behind him had to doubt.

Staring at the confused look in Joy's eyes, Steve let go of his hand. He twitched the corners of his mouth and reached out his hand to touch Joy's head. But when his hand was halfway up, he stopped and withdrew it.

'In front of Joy, I couldn't control myself and always couldn't help reaching out to do some intimate actions to her.'

Seeing that Steve was staring at her and didn't say anything for a long time, Joy became more anxious and frowned. Before Joy opened her mouth and was about to speak, Steve finally opened his mouth. "Nothing.... Nothing important. Go ahead."

There was something strange in Steve's tone.

Without thinking or saying anything, Joy said goodbye to Steve and rushed to the in-patient Building without looking back.

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