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   Chapter 116 Red Tulips

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Hearing this, Joy remembered Jimmy. 'He stayed with me last night and didn't eat anything. He is still hungry in the hospital.'

At the thought of this, Joy stopped the nanny from filling another bowl of rice. Looking at the puzzled eyes of the nanny and Jay, Joy explained, "I have to make some food and porridge and go to the hospital as soon as possible. Jimmy is still waiting for me in the hospital. At this time, Sean may wake up."

After saying that, Joy ran into the kitchen happily.

Jay didn't continue eating. He looked up at the direction of the kitchen, frowning and worried.

'When Joy and Jimmy got married, they had no feelings for each other at all. But now, judging from the reaction of Joy, she seems to...'

"As elders, we can't interfere in the children's affairs. Some things can only be solved by themselves."

The nanny interrupted Jay's thoughts, picked up some food into his bowl and urged him to eat as soon as possible.

Jay sighed and lowered his head to eat.

Jay hoped that Joy could find her true happiness.

In the hospital, Sean hadn't woken up yet. He had been in a coma for too long, and Jimmy was even more irritable to stay in the ward to guard Sean alone.

Therefore, Jimmy was very irritable. He called the dean in person and questioned him why Sean was still in a coma, asking him to come over and examine Sean himself.

The Dean didn't dare to disobey Jimmy's order, so he brought the most authoritative doctor in the hospital to examine Sean early in the morning.

However, they checked up Sean several times according to Jimmy's order. But the result was the same. Sean's s fever was so serious last night that he was unconscious and would wake up soon.

Listening to the dean's analysis of a lot of technical terms, Jimmy's face was even worse. In the end, he drove the dean and the others out with a cold face.

It was Jimmy who called them, but he drove them away in the end.


warning from Joy's face. Joy and Steve looked at each other from afar and their four eyes met.

In the super VIP ward, the atmosphere was extremely cold.

Jimmy and Sean looked at each other for a long time, but neither of them spoke. Sean's strenuous voice sounded. "Jimmy, why... Why are you here? Where is my sister?"

Sean deliberately ignored the mockery in Jimmy's eyes, trying to avoid what would happen next.


Jimmy's chuckle made Sean's heart tighten. Jimmy frowned. Although Sean was restless in his heart, he looked calm and normal.

'It seems that I have underestimated him. He is still calm even in such a situation.'

Looking at Sean, Jimmy couldn't help admiring Jimmy.

It was true that at such a young age, the only reason why Sean could stay calm in case of any trouble was that his endurance was too strong.

That's right. Otherwise, how could Sean secretly fall in love with a person for so many years without being noticed by anyone! However, it could only be said that Sean's patience was not good enough, and Jimmy still found it out.


Under Jimmy's silent gaze, Sean was so nervous that it almost broke free from the fresh.

"You'd better restrain your thoughts as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won't be the only one to be ruined."

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