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   Chapter 115 Relieved In His Heart

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After washing her face and brushing her teeth to get rid of the bad mood, Joy turned around, passed Jimmy and walked to the bedside of Sean. She wetted his thin lips with a cotton swab.

Ignored by Joy, Jimmy frowned. He could tell that Joy was angry with him.

'How dare she is to ignore me.'

Jimmy really wanted to lift Joy up and beat her up until she was obedient. But he knew Joy well. If you beat her, it would only arouse her inner resistance.

So he had to come up a gentle idea to treat her.

"You can go back to see your father. I'm here looking after your brother."

Jimmy didn't believe what he said. Joy was still angry and didn't talk to him.

"Really? Aren't you going to work?"

As expected, when Joy heard this, her eyes lit up and looked at Jimmy.

Joy was really worried about Jay. Last night, Sean's condition was too bad. Joy had no time to stay and take care of Jay, and Jay would not let her stay.

Last night, when Joy was waiting outside when Sean was sent into the emergency room, she had already called the nanny, Aunt Wong, to explain the situation to her and asked her to take care of Jay, and the nanny agreed happily.

Later, Joy called Jay and knew that her father was fine. He just sat on the ground and needed someone to help him up. It was not until then that Joy felt relieved.

The nanny must have gone to the Bishui Harbor to take care of her father at this time, but Joy was still worried if she didn't go back in person.

"I'm the boss. It's up to me whether to go to work or not."

Jimmy said proudly.

'But he has the qualification to be arrogant - money, power, it doesn't matter whether he would go to work or not.'

"Thank you so much, Jimmy. I promise I will come b

d about Sean the whole night yesterday. He didn't have dinner. He should be hungry now."

The people of the Mu family were always kind and easy to get along with. Therefore, the nanny didn't call Sean Mr. Sean, but called him Sean intimately. She didn't see and get along with Joy often, so she called Joy Miss. Joy.

Hearing this, Joy raised her hand and wiped her tears randomly. She cried too much just now and now she could not help but sob.

When she stopped crying, Joy calmed down. She looked up at Jay and said, "Dad, there's nothing wrong with Sean. Don't worry. Now Jimmy is taking care of Sean. Don't worry too much. I will take good care of Sean."

Seeing that the nanny had already placed the dishes, Joy stood up and pushed Jay to the table. Then she bent down to fill a bowl of rice for Jay, but she did not intend to eat. Instead, she stood on the table with one hand and looked at Jay with relief.

"Miss. Joy, you have been busy all night last night and haven't eaten anything. Hurry up and eat something."

The nanny came out of the kitchen and untied her apron. Then she sat down at the table and filled a bowl of rice for Joy

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