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   Chapter 114 Flowers Brought From Jimmy

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Joy touched the bed beside her, but it was empty.

When Joy woke up, she looked for Jimmy subconsciously, but she didn't touch Jimmy. The place where he had lied was cold, which meant that Jimmy had already got up.

'Where is Jimmy?'

Joy opened her eyes and wanted to call him, but when she turned around and saw Jimmy standing in front of the French window and against the light, she felt relieved.

Hearing the sound of the quilt being lifted, Jimmy turned his head and looked behind.

Seeing that Joy got out of bed and stood to look down at Sean, Jimmy smiled. He put down his hands on his chest and walked towards Joy.

"Are you awake?"

Jimmy's voice was low and masculine in the morning. The red blood in his eyes was not as much as last night, but there were more stubble on his chin.

"Didn't you sleep last night?"

'Otherwise, why did Jimmy look more tired than last night?'

Joy didn't go to bed until the infusion of Sean was finished last night, but she didn't know when she fell asleep and didn't wake up until dawn. Obviously, Jimmy had helped her to take care of Sean for the whole night.

"Didn't you know that I went to bed last night?"

'I just didn't fall asleep.'

Jimmy didn't want Joy to feel guilty for him, so he shifted the topic to Sean "Your brother's fever is basically gone, but he had a very serious fever last night. He might wake up in one or two hours."

Hearing this, Joy walked to the bedside and touched Sean's forehead. His temperature was indeed normal.

The serious look of Joy bending over to cover Sean with quilt annoyed Jimmy He crossed his arms in front of his chest unhappily and turned around to avoid seeing Joy care about Sean so much.

'She is my wife, but damn it, she has never cared about me like this.'

The more Jimmy thought about it, the angrier he became. When he saw a large bunch of blue roses on the cabinet in front of the French window, he pulled down two of them with a straight face.

Jimmy had called someone to buy it before dawn this morning. He had overheard the go

so upset, "The flowers are specially bought for you."

Jimmy's thin lips opened and closed several times, and finally opened his mouth. "Which woman is like you? Your face is dirty in the early morning. It's annoying to be seen. Go and wash yourself quickly."

After saying that, Jimmy regretted. Seeing that Joy was getting more and more depressed, Jimmy wished he could slap himself two times.


Lowering her head, Joy turned around and walked to the washstand which only existed in the VIP ward.

The sound of water splashed in the large ward, but the two of them became more and more irritable.

'Did he really dislike me? I didn't want him to dislike me.'

Cold water splashed on her face, but Joy was still very irritable. Joy was a little scared. She didn't care whether Jimmy would dislike her or not before. She even hoped that he would hate her before, but now his words made her feel uncomfortable for a long time.

Joy didn't want to be like this, but she couldn't control it at all.

Jimmy stood still, looking at Joy with mixed feelings.

Jimmy regretted what he said just now. He really wanted to walk forward and hug Joy, telling her that he didn't dislike her at all. He didn't even dislike her when she cried from time to time when she was a child. He won't dislike her now.

But his strong self-esteem made Jimmy unable to speak.

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