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   Chapter 50 It Is Not Serious. You Won't Die!

CEO's Trap: Give You All My Love By Chang An Characters: 6640

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With the light of her phone, Joy fumbled for the switch on the bedside table and turned on the light. Suddenly, the warm yellow light was on in the bedroom.

She jumped off the bed and pulled open the curtain. The unexpected light made her close her eyes uncomfortably. She didn't open them until she slowly adapted to it.

Joy remembered that she didn't close the curtain when she was sleeping. 'Did Jimmy come in?'

Thinking of this, Joy went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up. Then she changed into a simple floral dress. Looking at her skin and red lips in the mirror, she was full of youth. Joy smiled with satisfaction, turned around and walked towards the door.

As soon as Joy touched the doorknob, the door was opened from the outside. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a tall figure. Joy looked up at the person who was walking towards her subconsciously, and as soon as Jimmy looked at her, the eyes of the two met.

Jimmy looked at Joy up and down. A glimmer flashed in his eyes, but it disappeared in an instant.

"Are you going in?" Joy turned sideways, indicating that Jimmy could go in first.

However, she waited for a while, but Jimmy didn't take any action. Confused, Joy looked up. At this moment, Jimmy's eyes just fell on her face. Feeling Jimmy's gaze was hot, Joy subconsciously felt danger and quickly turned her head.

Jimmy frowned unhappily when he saw what she was doing. 'Am I that scary?'

"Come downstairs and have dinner."

After saying that, Jimmy turned around and went downstairs.

Joy looked up at his back. It was the first time that Jimmy went upstairs to ask her to have dinner in person.

To be honest, Joy couldn't figure out what was on Jimmy's mind. Sometimes he was so cold to her that she almost thought he hated her.

But sometimes he showed great interest in her, as if he was really attracted by her and treated her as a lover.

Sitting at the table, Joy lowered her head to eat, but from time to time, h

bandaged wound, Joy felt a little uncomfortable. She didn't understand why Jimmy could say such cold words while doing such a warm-hearted thing to bandage her wound.

"Didn't you hear me?"

Jimmy put all the things into the emergency box and didn't hear any reply from Joy. He put one hand in his pocket and looked at Joy with a frown. His breath was colder than before.

Joy's heart skipped a beat. She calmed herself down and answered, "Yes."

'What a stubborn man! I don't know whether he is awkward or arrogant. He cares about me, but what he said is like an enemy to me.'

"Have you been so sharp tongued since childhood?" Joy suddenly asked.

Jimmy's heart skipped a beat. 'Since childhood?'

"Do you remember anything?"

Shaking her head, Joy asked, "What should I remember? I just think you are too dishonest. You must be very bitter in your heart, so what you said is so poisonous! " Joy looked at Jimmy with her bright eyes, as if she was saying, admit it, admit it, you are just awkward and arrogant!


Jimmy put his big palm on Joy's forehead to hide the light in her eyes.

"Do you believe that I can find a needle to sew your mouth? Shut up."

Jimmy threatened her.

Joy shut up immediately and nodded repeatedly, "Yes!"

She believed he would. Jimmy was a man of his word!

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