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   Chapter 48 Don't Walk Carefully, You Deserve It!

CEO's Trap: Give You All My Love By Chang An Characters: 6506

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When Jimmy appeared at the airport, it inevitably caused another sensation. But this time, the crowd did not have the chance to approach Jimmy, because the crowd outside the airport had already been separated by a group of bodyguards in black with sunglasses, most of whom were women.

When Joy came out of the airport, she was shocked to see the scene more shocking than the president. Hearing a loud scream in the crowd, Joy's eardrum was buzzing.

'These women are too crazy. Jimmy just sent five hundred million relief supplies to the G City. They are so excited!' Of course, Joy didn't know that in her eyes, the bad tempered, cold and terrible Jimmy was a good man with good character, appearance and family background in the eyes of the others.

Finally, Joy was willing to stop her shock. She pulled the calm Amy beside her and scolded those women in a low voice, "Amy, don't you think he deserve it? Jimmy is just a little handsome. Is it necessary for them to do this?"

Amy tugged at her sleeve to stop her, but Joy thought Amy didn't hear her, so she lowered her voice and whispered in Amy's ear, "He's such a cold and bad tempered man. Who can stand to fall in love with him?"

As soon as Joy finished her words, Jimmy, who was walking in front of her, stopped.

Joy didn't expect that Jimmy would suddenly stop and didn't notice it. When she reacted, she had knocked into Jimmy's hard back.

Joy held her head and cursed in pain. Seeing this, Amy rubbed Joy's head in a hurry.

"Fuck you! Why did you suddenly stop?"

"Don't walk carefully, you deserve it."

The culprit, Jimmy, looked coldly at the painful Joy, without a trace of guilt on his face. He pulled his coat expressionlessly and continued to walk forward.

Seeing his receding figure, Joy was so angry that she lost her mind. She stood up and tried her best to catch up with him. Fortunately, Amy didn't let Joy do anything stupid.

"Amy, do you think

onfused.' Although Mr. Jimmy is usually a little cold, he is still a gentleman. But as soon as he came back home, he went upstairs and leave Mrs. Joy alone, and did not even ask someone to help her move her suitcase. It should not be. Did the couple have a quarrel?'

Joy went upstairs with her suitcase in the living room, but when she returned to the bedroom, she didn't see Jimmy. Joy listened carefully, and there was no sound of water in the bedroom, which told her that Jimmy was not in the bedroom.

Since Jimmy was not in the bedroom, Joy felt relieved.

The empty bedroom in the past few days was a little cold. Joy walked to the French window and opened the curtain. The sun dispersed a little darkness, and the whole bedroom was brighter.

Joy put out all the things in the suitcase, and then reorganized the bedroom. After she finished all these, she stretched, took out a pair of pajamas from the wardrobe, and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Half an hour later, Joy walked out of the bathroom, but Jimmy still didn't go back to the bedroom. Joy was confused and wondered if Jimmy had gone out again.

Joy walked to the French window and looked down. The Cayenne Jimmy drove drove every day was still parked in the garage. Obviously Jimmy was still in the villa.

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