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   Chapter 47 We Will Be Happy

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Russ poked his head out of Joy's arms, looked at the direction where Jimmy left and asked seriously, "Miss, is Sir angry?"


The corners of Joy's mouth twitched. "I don't know. Just ignore him. He always has intermittent madness." ...

"But Miss, that Sir has been staring at you since he came in. Although he has a cold face, I Russ can see that he cares about you."

'Does he care about me? Forget it! As long as he don't always put on a cold face in front of me.' Joy thought to herself.

"Russ, I'm leaving today. Take care of yourself." Joy changed the topic.

Hearing that she was leaving, Russ's face darkened and he didn't say anything.

"What's wrong? Are you reluctant to let me go?" Joy teased Russ deliberately and pinched his face to make him smile.

Russ still let Joy do evil on his face. After a long time, he lowered his head and said, "When I was most desperate, it was you who gave me the courage to survive. I don't know where my parents are now. I don't know if they have died. I saw many people sent in, but they all died because the rescue couldn't save them. I'm very scared. Miss, do you think if I can find my parents? "

Looking at this kind of Russ, Joy suddenly felt sad in her heart. Perhaps it was because of her origin, the sadness in her heart rose to a higher level. Then she sniffed and told him affirmatively, "Russ, you are being strong for your parents. Your parents will definitely feel it. So, Russ, come on!"

"Come on!" Russ also followed Joy's action and clenched his fists.

The toughness he showed made Joy's heart ache, but he didn't want to leave with her, and she had no choice. It was really helpless.

Joy sighed, reached for the pen and paper on the bedside table, wrote down a row of numbers on it, and handed it to Russ. "Russ, this is my phone number. You can call me when you go to the A City or miss me. I will always

n a minute, the two of them walked to the black cars.

Joy had planned to let Amy get in Jimmy's car with her, but Amy refused to do so. Amy said that she didn't want anyone to show off their love in front of her.

Seeing that Amy got into the car behind, Joy didn't know which one to take.

In fact, Joy wanted to sit next to Amy, but she didn't dare to let Jimmy drive alone. After all, he had helped her. She always felt that it was not appropriate to do in that way, so she finally got on Jimmy's car.

An hour later, the plane slowly took off, and the rumble echoed in her ears, reminding Joy of the time when she first came. Time flies. Her life in the G City ended quickly.

Looking out of the window at the shrinking G City, Joy was in a trance. When she first came here, the G city was full of ruins. Now many places had been cleared up, and she believed that it wouldn't be long before the G City could regain its original prosperity.

With a sigh, Joy turned to look at Jimmy sitting in her front row and smiled.

Amy, who was sitting in the back beak, looking at the black cayenne carrying Joy and Jimmy in front, was in a bad mood.

Fate really liked to make fun of people.

Two hours later, Joy and other people returned to the A City.

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