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   Chapter 30 He And She In The Dream

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Tears streamed down Amy's cheeks. Amy looked very sad and lonely.

Joy had never thought that Amy had such a heartbreaking background. Joy knew her pain and how bitter she was.

It was another story of abandoning wife and child.

"Don't cry, Amy. A man like him doesn't deserve your hatred. He won't understand your pain and won't care about it. So don't cry. Do you hear me? Don't cry. "

Joy choked with sobs to comfort Amy in her arms. That sentence was to comfort Amy, but it touched the thorn in her heart.

But Joy knew that she couldn't cry. Amy waited for her comfort.

Amy thought what Joy said was right. She didn't need to cry for that kind of man.

Amy wiped away the tears on her face and came out of Joy's arms. Looking at Joy's eyes, she said sincerely, "Thank you, Joy."

Joy smiled and grabbed her hand. "Never mind. We are friends, aren't we?"

This time, Amy smiled at Joy. Amy was happy that they were friends.

They walked around hand in hand and knew each other's hobbies and interests. Then, they chatted happily. They didn't take a taxi home until it was getting dark.

When Joy returned to the villa, it was dark. She turned on the light, but there was no one in the big villa. It was quiet, and the cold night made Joy's back cold.

The servants in the villa were not allowed to appear in the villa except for cleaning and completing the task on time in the daytime. And their living place was not in this villa, but in another building.

Jimmy lived alone in such a big and cold villa. Didn't he feel scared?

The more Joy thought about it, the more cautious she became. She held her arms and went upstairs.

Joy had a dream, in which there was Jimmy.

In her dream, Jimmy, who always treated her coldly, spoiled her very much. No matter what she wanted, he would give her. They lived happily, and she felt it unrealistic in her dream.

Later, she dreamed that she ga

f bodyguards beside him could not stop them.

The flashlight was constantly flashing in every corner of the airport, but in the direction of him.

Seeing this, Jimmy frowned and the air around him was spreading, which was a sign of his anger.

"Get out of the way! Get out of the way!" At this moment, Ronald appeared at the airport with a large number of bodyguards, clearing the crowd and leaving a passage.

"Mr. Go, I'm sorry. I'm late."

Looking at Jimmy who was a little angry, Ronald was worried about himself. Fortunately, he arrived here at last. If he came a little late, he would suffer a lot today.

"Let's go."

Without looking at him, Jimmy said and walked out of the airport coldly.

Ronald hurried to follow up, and at the same time, he did not forget to announce to the reporters, "Hey, guys, don't take photos. About this cooperation, we will hold a press conference another day. At that time, please welcome to our conference, Thank you."

Outside the airport, the bodyguards escorted Jimmy all the way to a luxury car. Jimmy bent over and got in.

He pulled his tie with his slender fingers and saw the media outside the car pushing crazily, trying to break away from the bodyguards and rushing forward. He took off his suit jacket irritably.

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