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   Chapter 29 Come Back Alive

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Hearing his words, Joy raised her head all of a sudden. Her eyes were shining. She was promoted and got a pay rise. Nothing could touch her more than this. As expected, Adam knew Joy well.

"How about me?"

A voice of hesitation sounded out. What Joy said had become the life-saving straw for others. Everyone looked at Joy.

Especially in front of Adam, he walked to Joy and grabbed her hand. He was so excited that he almost cried.

The look in Amy's eyes changed when she looked at Joy. Everyone was eager to avoid it. She always took the initiative. She had thought that Joy wouldn't take such a dangerous task after the last gang's accident, but she didn't expect that Joy still took it.

Pondering for a while, Amy glanced at Joy again, raised her fair hand and said, "I'll go with you."

The two of them took the initiative to go. Tears almost streamed down Adam's face. "Okay, okay, I'll arrange it for you. You'll leave tomorrow. Be careful and come back alive."

All the employees were relieved!

Time flew quietly through the keyboard. When it was time to get off work, everyone in the office left one by one.

"Please express our deepest grief to the people in the disaster area."

"Come back alive!"

The colleagues all came to say goodbye to Joy, with pretentious expressions, as if they would never see Joy and Amy again.

Joy bent over the table and rolled her eyes!

After printing the documents and tidying up the table, she stood up and stretched herself.

When Joy saw that Amy was still typing, she stopped and walked to her side. Amy also saw her, but she didn't say anything and continued to work.

"Amy, thank you for keeping the documents for me that day."

"Uh! Have you finished? We are going to the disaster area tomorrow. Let's have dinner together. "

Amy still kept silent.

Her indifference embarrassed Joy. She stood there for a long time, but Amy didn'

ome, they walked slowly along the street. On the way, Joy kept talking. Whenever she saw something interesting, she would take Amy to have a look. Compared with her excitement, Amy was a little calm. .

Joy also realized this problem. Noticing that she was a little depressed, she calmed down and walked quietly with Amy.

Perhaps it was such a cold night that made Amy's heart stirring, or perhaps there was a person by her side who was willing to listen to her heart, Amy told Joy something that she had never told anyone.

"My mother is the only one in my world."

Her cold tone was full of loneliness, and sadness was lingering on Amy. This was a facial expression that Amy had never shown before, which made Joy feel sorry for her.

Joy didn't interrupt her. Being a listener in silence was the best comfort for Amy.

"Since I was a child, only my mother has been living around me. I thought my father had died a long time ago, but later my mother told me that I actually have a father."

With a bitter smile, Amy turned to look at Joy and continued, "It's just that my father abandoned us and married someone else."

"You know what? In my heart, my father has died a long time ago. That irresponsible and cruel man doesn't deserve to be my father at all."

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