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   Chapter 28 Earthquake In G City

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When Joy ran into the office, out of breath, the people who had been discussing stopped talking and turned to look at her. Joy was embarrassed by their eyes. It was disgraceful to be late for work.

"Uh... Go on, go on." With a forced smile, Joy lowered her head and strode to her cubicle.

When the others saw her sit down, they began to discuss again.

As soon as she sat down, Joy patted her chest and took a deep breath. Fortunately, her boss was not here, or she would be called to the office to reprimand. How lucky she was.

Amy, who was on the other side of the corridor, didn't join in discuss with them except when Joy entered the room. Instead, she frowned when she heard more and more people talking.

Glancing at Amy, Joy looked around the office again and couldn't help but feel confused. Normally, everyone in the office was dutiful, and they had never talked about it like today. What was wrong with all of them?

People were always very curious, and even Joy was no exception.

Joy wanted to know the content of the discussion, but she couldn't join in public. If she was unlucky and caught by her boss, she would be in big trouble.

She was supposed to be late this morning. If her boss found that she was chatting with others in office, she would really have to leave.

Sitting in the cubicle, Joy moved her body a little outwards and listened intently. Then she vaguely heard something.

"Who do you think our boss will send to the earthquake in G city?" Hebe asked.

"Anyway, if boss asks me to go, I'd rather resign than go. An earthquake is not a joke. It will kill people, not to mention the frequent aftershocks. "

Tom showed his attitude with resistance.

"That's right. Then who dares to go in danger?"

The rest of the words were too chaotic for Joy to hear clearly.

An earthquake happened in G city? No wonder she felt

was to scold her for being late, but he didn't scold her. Instead, he looked away from her.

Confused, Joy tilted her head and wondered what was wrong with her boss.

"Stop for a while. Be careful. I have something to say."

Before Joy could think it over, Adam said, "You all know about the earthquake in G city. In order to get the first-hand news, I decide to send two people to G city by themselves and make an interview in the disaster area."

Hearing what he said, the subordinates all lowered their heads and kept silent, completely different from the usual scramble.

Adam saw their reaction, but he had no choice. Someone had to go, so he had to continue to encourage them. "I know it's difficult and dangerous to send you to G city now, but it's a good opportunity to improve your working ability and exercise yourself. Are you willing to go?"

Adam looked in the direction of Joy, but Joy didn't say anything. He couldn't help but be a little anxious. It didn't matter if others didn't go, but Joy couldn't.

"I'll give her a promotion and a pay rise. As for the pay rise, I'll raise it by 50% on the original base."

Most of them were jealous of Adam's offer, but they still didn't have the courage to raise their hands.

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