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   Chapter 27 Take It Seriously

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After getting off the car, Joy went straight to the villa. Thinking that Jimmy might have come back, Joy couldn't wait to go upstairs two floors.

Walking to the bedroom door, Joy stopped, took a deep breath, adjusted her breath and smiled. Then Joy opened the bedroom door.

But when she didn't see Jimmy in the bedroom, her smile froze.

Was he in the study room?

Thinking of this possibility, Joy rushed to the study room again without putting down her bag.

Outside the study room, Joy tried to knock on the door. She leaned against the door and listened to the sound inside, but she was disappointed. There was no sound, let alone the sound of someone talking.

It turned out that he hadn't come back yet.

Without seeing Jimmy, Joy felt very disappointed. She went back to her bedroom unhappily.

Jimmy had done so much for her silently, but she had a quarrel with him before he went on a business trip. She had to apologize to him.

Thinking of this, Joy took out her phone and dialed the number.

At this time, Jimmy was wearing his clothes, because he had a dinner party to attend later. As soon as he put on his tie, his phone on the bed rang. Looking at the vibrating phone on the bedside table, Jimmy frowned.

There were only three people who knew his phone number. One was his grandfather, Commander Go, one was his assistant, Ronald, and the other was Joy.

Ronald had come to America with him. He was waiting for him outside the door, so it wasn't him who made the call. As for the woman at home, how could she take the initiative to call him? Unless it happened strange something. Was there something wrong with grandpa?

Thinking of this, Jimmy bypassed the big bed and walked to the bedside table. Although he knew that it couldn't be a call from Joy, he was somewhat looking forward to it.

When he picked up his phone, which was still vibrating, and saw the three words "Joy" on the screen, the cold faced man, who hadn't changed for a long time, was stunned for a moment.

He couldn't believe that Joy would call him. For a moment, he even thought he was wrong. He even despised himself for this.

After calming himself down in a few seconds, Jimmy pressed the answer key, but he didn't say anything, but waited for Joy speaking first.

"Jimmy, are you asleep?"

Joy's soft voice came through. Jimmy's cold and hard face softened a little unconsciously, but his words were still as cold as before.

"What's the matter?"

"Jimmy, are you done? I'm ready. "

Suddenly, a woman's voice came from Jimmy's room.

Hearing the woman's words, Jimmy subconsciously covered his phone and looked at the enchanting woman at the door with displeasure. The woman at the door seemed not to notice his unhappiness. She went straight to the sofa and sat down, staring at Jimmy without blinking.

But Joy still heard every word of that woman. Thinking of the woman beside him, Joy swallowed her words. The words that she had rehearsed in her heart again and again were shattered by the woman's charming voice and scattered in the air.

"Nothing... Nothing. I just want to thank you for helping me arrange a place for my father. "

Knowing that the reason why Joy called him was just because of this, Jimmy narrowed his eyes and pressed his thin lips into a line. The next second, he hung up the phone coldly.

Looking at the phone, Joy smiled bitterly.

It was late at night, and

he must have a beautiful woman accompanying him. He didn't have the time to listen to her talking about these unimportant things, Joy thought.

Joy knew that she shouldn't have any emotions. It must be a contract between her and Jimmy. She knew that he didn't even like her, but she just couldn't control her emotions.

"Jimmy, you bastard!"

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Joy grabbed the pillow on the bed and slammed it against the door.

"Bang!" the earth trembled and the mountains swayed.

The earth was shaking! Joy almost fell off the bed.

Was it an earthquake? But it was not surprising. A city was close to the sea. Would there be some tremors? Joy didn't take it seriously.

On the other side.

Sitting on the sofa, the woman looked at Jimmy who was staring at his phone in a daze. Her red lips were slightly hooked, sexy and charming. Her long red strapless dress fell to the ground, like a thorny red rose.

"Do you take it seriously?"

Jimmy glanced at her, raised his eyebrows and said nothing. He put the phone into the pocket of his suit, walked to the hanger and pulled off the tailored suit jacket from Italy. While putting it on, he walked out, without taking a look at the woman on the sofa.

This woman's name was Nina. She agreed to cooperate with the Go Group only because she wanted Jimmy to go to the United States. She was the president of Tonga Group, an overseas Chinese. Jimmy knew her when he studied abroad in a young age.

Jimmy didn't know Nina identity when he knew her, so before he came to America to see her, he really didn't know that she was the object of the Go Group's cooperation.

Being completely ignored by him, Nina didn't get angry, as if she had been used to it. When she heard Jimmy's footsteps fading away, she stood up lazily and walked in the direction of Jimmy's departure.

Jimmy meant to have dinner with her, but not only the two of them, but also Ronald and Nina's assistants.

The second morning, Joy was woken up by her mobile phone, which kept ringing on the bedside table. She was so angry that she was completely irritated by it.

How immoral it was! She just want to have a good sleep in the early morning.

Joy sprang to her feet, grabbed her phone and cursed, "You're killing me in the early morning. If you have nothing else to say, don't bother me."

At the other end of the phone, Adam was about to scold her, but he was scolded by her all of a sudden, so Adam turned angry.

"I'm here to ask you for money, Joy. If you can't make it in twenty minutes, you can leave now.

After saying that, Adam hung up the phone directly.

Knowing it was from her boss, Joy was so frightened that her hand trembled and her phone almost fell to the ground. When Joy was about to explain to him that she had mistaken the wrong person, her boss had hung up.

Looking at the time, she found that it was already eight twenty and she was twenty minutes late. Thinking of the last words of her boss, Joy got out of bed in a hurry and ran into the bathroom.

The whole process of washing and changing clothes took two minutes.

If she sleep well last night, she would be able to get up this morning.

It took only fifteen minutes for Joy to arrive at her office. Fortunately, the traffic was convenient here in Jimmy's villa, and the driver sent her to work. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to arrive in an hour.

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