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   Chapter 25 Mr. Go Is On Business

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It had been a few days since she moved in the villa. Thinking for a while, Joy stood up, changed a set of clothes, wiped her face, took her handbag and went out.

"Madam, are you going out?"

Seeing that Joy was about to go out, the Butler nodded at her and asked respectfully.

"Well, I won't come back for dinner."

Joy smiled at him, turned around and walked out.

However, something occurred to her. She stopped for a few steps, turned around, looked at the housekeeper and asked tentatively, "I haven't seen Mr. Go these days. Is he very busy?"

"Madam, Mr. Go went on a business trip to the United States. He left two days ago. He was supposed to leave a month later. I don't know why he left ahead of time."

Hearing his words, Joy nodded, turned around and continued to walk outside.

Was it earlier? Was it because she made him unhappy?

The Butler behind her saw the back of Joy disappear, but his expressionless face get unhappy.

Joy bought some vegetables, fruits and other living goods in the supermarket near her old house, and walked towards it with many bags.

Every day at this time, Sean was at home. With a lot of bags in her hands, Joy kicked the door with her feet and waited for Sean to open the door for her.

But after a while, the door was not opened. She kicked it again, but no one opened it.

'Sean hadn't come back yet?'

Joy put down the things in her hands, took out the key from her bag and opened the door. But when she saw clearly what was going on in the room, she was shocked.

Where did father and Sean go? Why did all the things in the room missed?

Did they leave quietly in order to avoid her?

She rushed into the bedroom and opened the door one by one, but all the things were gone.

"Sean, Dad."

Joy shouted anxiously. She scream echoed in the empty room, but she didn't hear the voices of Sean and her dad.

ll the things into the kitchen. Hearing her words, he happily took her hand and took her to the door of Jay's bedroom. Sean did not intend to go in, but chose to wait outside, giving some space for Joy and Jay to stay alone.

For so many years, his father still couldn't accept her completely, so Sean hoped that his father could have more time to get along with Joy. He believed that one day his father would be moved by Joy sincerity.

When Joy pushed the door open and entered the bedroom, Jay leaned against the head of the bed, looking at a photo without blinking, as if he was trying to memory something. He looked sad and lonely.

Hearing the door open, Jay came to his senses. He looked up and found it was Joy. He wanted to press the photo under the pillow subconsciously, but he didn't hide it.

"Dad, how are you feeling today?" Joy walked to the edge of the bed and sat down. She tucked him in and asked as she saw his face turn better.

Of course, Joy also found that the photos were strange, but since he didn't tell her, she chose not to ask.

Looking at her, Jay sighed and made a decision in his heart. Perhaps it was time to tell her something. These things had been hidden in his heart for many years and had become a hurdle!

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