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   Chapter 24 Wilson, Help Me

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Feeling a slight sting, Joy came to her senses and finally resisted.

"Aha Let Let me go. "

But it was in vain. For Jimmy, her strength to struggle was just to tickle him. She didn't know that her struggle ignited the man's desire to conquer.

This time, his kiss was very gentle, not as fierce as last time. Perhaps it was also because of this, Joy's struggle gradually softened, and her head seemed to be stuffed with noodles, sticky and unable to find the direction.

Different from the usual atmosphere, the bedroom was empty, and the temperature was rising. Joy felt hotter and hotter, dizzy.

Satisfied with her reaction, Jimmy pushed her lips away and continued kiss her other part.

Joy, who was indulging in Jimmy's kiss, suddenly opened her eyes. When she saw that her coat had been peeled off, and his big palm was on her body, she screamed, and her hands were constantly resisting in front of his chest.

He didn't expect her petite body to have such a strong explosive force. Her scream was so loud that Jimmy, who was bending over her, was also shocked to hear the "buzzing" sound in his ears.

Jimmy frowned and kissed her again without giving her time to think. Her struggle made him very unhappy.

Joy was scared. She clearly saw that the outrage in his eyes was burning, but she couldn't escape on her own.

And when a person felt scared and helpless, then asking for help was the only way for her. But who would come back to her?

The young face in her memory appeared in her mind again. She remembered the brave young man who had always protected her.

On that day, when she went home alone after school, she was surrounded by a group of bad boys with hair dyed in all kinds of colors in a narrow corridor. Joy was very strong, and she was not frightened at such a scene. Even though she was afraid and her feet were shaking because of fear, she calmly asked them why they came.

"Who are you? What do you want to do?"

It turned out that they were also students. They were just bad students. They often besieged some children on the road and robbed their money. Only when those students whose was robbed obediently handed over the money could they leave.

Joy only had more than 20 dollars with her, but she couldn't let them take it away. This was her living expenses for the next week. If she gave them, she would have nothing.

So she chose to run away, but before she could take a few steps, she was caught by the people behind her. They took off her schoolbag and wanted to take the money.

But at this moment, Wilson appeared. Before the young men could react, Wilson quickly grabbed the schoolbag in their hands and ran away with her.

They ran and chased far away, and the laughter was left everywhere they ran.

Only Wilson knew that if she was afraid, he would definitely come to save her.

"Wilson, help me."

Seeing that Jimmy kept kissing her, Joy finally called out.

All of a sudden, all the movements stopped, and the temperature in the room was extremely cold.

"What did you say?" Jim

my turned angry. He looked up at Joy.

It was always women who tried every means to win his favor, but she dared to call another man's name under him. What did she think he was? A back-up?

Jimmy was getting more and more furious. He looked at Joy coldly, which made Joy fear all of a sudden. At this moment, Jimmy was, like a Satan from hell, so terrible that people wanted to escape.

Joy's teeth were chattering. She was scared, but compared with death, she cared more about innocence.

This kind of thing could only be done by two people who loved each other. But obviously, Jimmy didn't love her, did he?

"Jimmy, let go of me. We are just in a contractual relationship. You can't do this to me." Grabbing the luxurious sofa tightly, Joy summoned up her courage and shouted.

"I can't do this. So Wilson who you just called can do this?" Jimmy pulled her collar and pulled her up from the sofa.

Joy turned her head and said nothing. Talking too much at this time would only make him angrier.

However, she didn't answer, but Jimmy took it as her acquiescence. Jimmy sneered, stood up and looked down at Joy on the sofa. He clenched his fists, and blue veins stood out on his neck.

Casting a scornful glance at her, Jimmy turned around and left angrily.

The door was slammed, and Joy collapsed on the sofa. She was still chuckling about her escape right now, but at the same time, she felt a little sad. Tears fell, and smashed on the back of her hand.

Jimmy's aura was extremely cold. The servants downstairs all lowered their heads and pretended to be busy when they saw his gloomy face.

Walking to the car, Jimmy kicked the car with his expensive handmade leather shoes, and then took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

The phone rang for a few seconds and was answered. Before the person on the other end of the phone could speak, Jimmy's cold voice came through.

"Find out who is Wilson right now." Then Jimmy hung up the phone, opened the car door and got in. As soon as the phone was thrown away, the car was driven out faster.


Looking at the phone that was hung up, Ronald was stunned. He had never seen his boss so angry. Did he was so angry because of that woman called Joy?

It had been two days since the day when Joy and Jimmy had a quarrel. But she hadn't seen him since he slammed the door and left. He had disappeared in front of her for two whole days.

It seemed that he was still angry with her, even unwilling to take a look at her.

Joy sighed and threw herself on the bed. She looked up at the ceiling and found it was already twelve o'clock at noon.

Today was Sunday. She didn't need to go to work, so she had nothing to do. Thinking that the tube shaped apartment would be demolished in ten days, Joy took out her mobile phone to see if there was any cheap and affordable house for rent.

But after half an hour's searching, she still couldn't find a suitable rental house. She thought that she would look for it in person one day, so she didn't continue to look for it.

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